Month: May 2017

Charlie Brown coffee gives emotional power to the product

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joint effect marketing, marketing methods are used by all businesses. For example, popular fiction drama can drive the sales of a commodity increase, the mode of marketing benefits are very good, because you do not know what will happen in the future, everything is possible, as long as you dare to think, it is possible to achieve. Charlie Brown coffee gave us a good interpretation of the truth.

"peanut cartoon" (Peanuts) is one of the longest and most popular cartoons in the history of American comics. In December 2, 1950, by Charles · Schultz creation, to 13 in February 2001, due to illness, this has a glorious history of the past 50 years, the comic finally closed the last page. 50 years ago, Charles · Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy; footprint story figures under the pen of Schultz, through the 21 translation published in 2600 newspapers and 300 million comic books and 50 cartoons, in over seventy-five countries worldwide, enduring to win all the nations of the world, like the different age of readers that caused the majority of readers, and become a part of American popular culture, created the cartoon history rare miracle. read more

Clothing franchise choose clothing store vision to stay away

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clothing industry as the most active industry, is now in a state of rapid development, every year there are entrepreneurs to join, so many young people are eager to join. But entrepreneurship is not a simple thing, want to do a good job also need to think carefully and prepare. Operating mid-range brand clothing to join Lee, he served in a fashion company, he is mainly responsible for the company’s stores in the Guangzhou area expansion and site selection. Recently, he selected a shop in downtown Zengcheng Gualv Plaza branch. Others like to shop in Beijing Road, up and down nine, Tianhe City site, why Li ran to Zengcheng shop?

Song Fujun said: "even in the second city of the rich class, they are often used to center city consumption of high-end products, so this kind of product, in the second city may not have a large market, while operating medium grade commercial enterprise is the most suitable to the second tier city expand the business." read more

Automotive beauty shop location technology sharing

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automotive beauty industry in the moment has been a very good development, for entrepreneurs, choose to open a store is a good idea to help them succeed in getting rich. In the shop before, everyone is entangled in the choice of shops. Automotive beauty shop should be how to choose? Location must be combined with their own situation, after the election of the most appropriate, it is very important. Next, the location of the shop, small series have introduced, want to know, then look at it!

first, the place is big enough to choose to do a one-stop professional beauty friends, at least 300 square meters, can have 1-2000 square meters, what can be done! If you just do beauty, then 200 square meters can be. It should be noted that this is the area of the shop, excluding the area outside the parking. That’s another thing! read more

Anhui provincial leaders to exchange business innovation experience

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in such a era of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial experience some social communication is a crucial part, recently, some important leaders of Anhui province led the team to Sichuan for the exchange of entrepreneurial experience.

8 27 afternoon, Sichuan Anhui two province science and technology innovation forum held in Chengdu, on how to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation". From Anhui Province, the relevant provincial departments and 16 prefecture level cities of the relevant person in charge, how the provincial government departments to promote county government to promote scientific and technological innovation, state-owned fund will have a breakthrough where policy issues of venture capital institutions to entrepreneurial front-end, promote scientific and technological achievements, Sichuan and colleagues. On science and technology finance, we are the integration of government funds to enlarge, the two is in accordance with the fully market-oriented approach to professional operations, nearly three years of investment in small and micro enterprises have been listed three new board." A surplus power science and technology financial services platform for speech attracted the chairman of Anhui investment group. read more

2012 the most promising entrepreneurial ideas

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2012 years has come, what are the market this year, venture capital ideas? And now all network Xiaobian a look together. The office has posted a statement to ban smoking, and offenders fined, and this can be difficult for many smokers. In fact, from father to boyfriend, around a lot of people smoking, I repeatedly persuaded to get the answer is to quit, but can not quit. This time the little wealth, I think around these smokers, quitting the market is really profitable? Friends introduced a Chinese medicine to promote smoking cessation center, said it was doing very well. read more

Open men’s stores to do Market Research

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men’s market is now a good development, if you want to open a men’s clothing store, you need to do a good job in market research, so as to better open their own business. So, how to do a good job in men’s market survey? Xiao Bian for us to do the introduction.

survey 1, men’s franchise shop how to do market research? Fine men’s franchise brand product style is suitable for the local market, men’s clothing to join other local men’s products such as the competitive situation? read more

杀手的评论王国之心HD 1.5 + 2.5混音到PS4在三月

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GAME ?Hitman(开场白和巴黎团)


出版社:Square Enix








一旦你涉足上演,培训的胶合板的设置,是时候把你的手在巴黎Walewska脏。这个虚构的博物馆的设计真的是惊人的,并已精心充满NPC和高的社会事件,如时装秀,Viktor Novikov和Dalia Margolis都把所需的一切。Novikov的时尚品牌,乐观,和它的新的集合,是一个顶级秘密拍卖由伊阿古精心制作的前面,一个秘密的间谍组织以出售政府秘密。皇宫的大厅两旁的保安、船员和时尚舞台,准备带你到任务,如果他们不认识你。当然,有了正确的伪装,你可以让他们过去几个,对不对这就是AI进场的地方。如果你把自己伪装成一个卑微的服务员,你可以愚弄的小人谁瞧不起你的喜欢,但你能骗过酒吧主管地狱,你甚至可以漫步过去的家伙挡住了大门的后台区域。每个人都有自己的“圈子”的人,他们会认识到,他们自己的地区巡逻。在一个餐厅里发现一个家伙在喉咙里让自己稀缺,前往另一个领域,它需要一段时间才能得到这个词。这是一个整洁的机械,已与新机的功率大大提高,而且能够房间之间移动的建筑没有人注意你的存在是一个令人耳目一新的变化。


如果“搅局者”杀死了Margolis和Novikov是主菜,那么崇高的“合同”模式作为一个美味的布丁帮助圆了这个亮相。虽然打出来的情况下,你可以完全忽略Margolis和Novikov,为社会解决自己设定的挑战。您可以设置参数的杀戮(必须打扮成服务员,需要用手枪杀死等)。这是一个巧妙的方式扩展游戏,允许一些难以置信的具体(和困难!)迷你任务。马克随便任何一个级别中的300 +的NPC死亡使再玩大量令人印象深刻的能力,并帮助延长游戏时间长度的分量。去一个更远,IO已经创造了一些超高难度“升级”的任务,将采取最强硬的中锋球员,试图打破他们试图充分利用每个单元的环境和自己的能力把他们的目标了。还有一个新的“难以捉摸的目标”模式的承诺,这听起来相当酷(NPC成为目标在某些现实生活中的时间,你只有一个机会完成杀戮)。这些都是即将发布的“定期在主要内容滴之间”,和听起来像一个很酷的新的补充。



杀手亮相2016是一个很好的起点,这个特许经营重启。摆脱错误,赦免显然并不容易,但艾奥已经创造了一个辉煌的沙盒,让你你的目标使用掉吊灯在他们头上的方法调度(Del Boy是骄傲),吹他们离开AK47,使他们放弃了由于大鼠毒药然后溺死在马桶里。尽管一个特别奇怪的情节,几乎是直接从Zoolander的剧本,这第一段的杀手是一个美好的开始。如果IO可以保持这与其他任务,然后他们有一个特殊的游戏在他们手中。谁去学下个月的旅行吗

9 / 10(到目前为止…) read more

晕4城堡地图包DLC公布发布日期- NGBNext新黑暗灵魂II ‘沉没国王’ DLC截图

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343产业已经宣布即将到来的城堡地图包DLC Halo 4将在Xbox 360成本800爱上海点数













学习内部路由是必不可少的两脱险完成远程杀死。一定要寻找电站3–对讨厌的狙击手或敌人的疣猪一大惊喜的一个理想的复仇武器的Gravity Hammer。

为DLC预告片也被释放。让我们知道如果你将得到DLC通过下面的评论部分。 read more

Beauty body chain management skills

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beauty chain store operators to obtain a successful career needs a lot of attention to some practical skills, learn to use the actual collection of the store, so the store business is getting better and better, if you want to learn more business knowledge just to learn.

first, all the time and effort to manage the cause of success, it is the operator’s efforts and hard work in exchange for, they put in the necessary time to complete everything must be completed. The success of the beauty chain operators always tirelessly to beauty chain institutions as their own home and school, learn what to learn, to receive proper training, etc.. For what you can do, what to do, please the beautician at what each, which send a beautician and so on things to which customers are very clear in mind. read more

12 years of potential projects

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to determine whether a project is good or bad, not only to the immediate interests, but also depends on the development potential of the project’s long-term interests, today Xiaobian to recommend a few 12 years the most potential gold project, you get rich road widening!

12 the most potential projects recommended: flower cultivation

read more

Deng Zhimin return home entrepreneurship, the circle of the entrepreneurial dream

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different entrepreneurs need to find suitable for their own entrepreneurial projects, in the public entrepreneurship, innovation of the people of the era of entrepreneurship blindly follow the trend. Deng Zhimin – a good soldier, through the konjac to achieve their entrepreneurial dream of becoming rich!

1984, born in Deng Zhimin County in Hunan Province in the forest town Okimura, after graduating from secondary school in 2002, he had dreams of youth to join the army. During the military service, Deng Zhimin hard military skills, excellent completion of the task, has been named outstanding soldiers. After retiring in 2004, Deng Zhimin came to Shenzhen to work, has done assembly line workers, security, mobile phone sales and other work, in 2006, decided to choose to return to his hometown in, began a new journey of entrepreneurship. read more

Do you have any of these successful entrepreneurs

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entrepreneurship, is now a lot of friends to success in a way. However, with the continuous development of entrepreneurial team, to be a successful entrepreneur, is not a simple thing, you need to have the following points.

– wise eyes end Junjie

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Doing business may be more caring

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different business people, the attitude of the customer will be different, some shopkeepers will be from the customer’s point of view, to provide sincere care, while some shopkeepers are really bent on doing business. Last Sunday morning, I walked to the nearby grocery market. People walk along the market channel, I walk to buy family favorite dishes. Go to the market at the end of the pork stalls, hand carrying a lot of fruits and vegetables, eggs, tofu, chicken bags, I intend to buy some pork on the end of today’s procurement. read more

SPF the better

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is everyone’s dream for women have white skin, but not all people can want good skin, sunscreen work to do, the summer is a sunny day, the glare of the sun so that people can’t even open your glasses. This time, a lot of people began to choose a high SPF sunscreen, then sunscreen is not the higher the SPF better? We still go through real data.

first not superstition high SPF SPF sunscreen, SPF is not the higher the better. Although the high SPF coefficient can effectively prevent the UVB ray, it has no effect on UVA ray. The real killer of the human immune system, accelerate skin aging and increase the risk of skin cancer is a big killer UVA. Therefore, sunscreen is not the higher the SPF, we should pay attention to the choice of direction. read more

Auto supplies stores should be opened

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auto supplies stores in order to attract more consumers, to master a lot of skills Oh, if you have the car supplies stores plan, you may wish to learn from some simple skills. So, auto accessories store inside, clerk business how to better attract our consumers?

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