Wuqing District Employment and entrepreneurship work to achieve effective training in the region to

every day to hear the slogan of innovation and entrepreneurship, although there is a very good publicity, you can inspire more entrepreneurial passion. Since the slogan shouted out, but also need to make effective. Wuqing Tianjin employment and entrepreneurship work has achieved practical results.

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Liaocheng highest 3 million yuan loan guarantee

A series of

social business loans for many people around the launch of the gem actually played a very good help, at the same time, in today’s such a background in Liaocheng, the maximum amount of 3 million yuan loan guarantee business.

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Indonesia and India home jewelry store in the future to look good

for the ancients, the majority of clothing and household functions in order to meet the basic needs of life, and now the fashion design is to fashion, and home accessories design is more inclined to decorate. So Home Furnishing decoration industry is now bursting with popularity, selection of exotic Home Furnishing accessories to get rich faster.

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Zheng Yaonan from security to billionaire entrepreneurs legend

each of us may want to venture it, thinking of how much money earn feeling, but few can really do, in fact, entrepreneurship is not great, no matter how you were born as you want to have success, want to say today is such inspirational story, a guy named Zheng Yaonan is a security guard. But now through entrepreneurship, billionaire!

1995, 20 year old Zheng Yaonan, then it is the floor when the spring breeze of reform. Zheng Yaonan from Fujian home with 500 dollars, went to Shenzhen. Only graduated from secondary school, he was able to find the first job is to do security at WAL-MART headquarters in China, the gatekeeper.

security when in the store, he carefully observe the learning of consumers buy things psychological research, the salesman is how to sell things, to study how the management of supermarket goods. When he knew that a small bottle of cosmetics can be sold to 300, he was a huge impact on the heart, determined to do sales. Two years later, he quit his business, with their own hands of more than 20 thousand yuan, opened the first cosmetics store. A year later, it was 8.

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The four step is no way to start a business venture

when more and more people into the entrepreneurial army, we all face the same problem in the same way: lack of start-up funds do? If you are being troubled by the money business, then, this article must not miss it! How to start a business without money? Let me see how small for your advice!

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Home jewelry store business Raiders analysis

now society, more and more people pay attention to the quality of life for Home Furnishing, at the same time some personalized Home Furnishing jewelry, is also popular, business Home Furnishing jewelry store is very promising, but to know how to operate.

decoration principle

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Suitable for 80 of our business, rich project!

with the development of the times, and now there are many young people are faced with the situation of unemployment, rising prices so that a lot of people feel the pressure, then a thousand dollars a small entrepreneurial achievements of 80 million millionaires. Perhaps thousands of dollars in the eyes of some people just eat a meal, drink a bottle of wine, but for entrepreneurs, this is a few thousand dollars to build the cornerstone of this small entrepreneurial myth! After 80 female college students entrepreneurial story for us to light up the wisdom of small businesses. read more

What are the promotion of bathroom

bathroom is every household needs to use the product, there are a lot of bathroom brands on the market. Contemporary business, has been developed to the stage without market promotion, but to promote such a clear understanding of the market activities of manufacturers and distributors is not too much. So, if you want to sell a good bathroom, what are the ways to promote it? Xiaobian for everyone to introduce.

a large unified promotion. A large unified promotion with more or less nature had to promote, especially in the bathroom of the sales season, such as 51, eleven, new year’s day, 3· 15 of these important nodes, we are doing, is a critical moment to speak with the dealer of hard power, basically each of these nodes, for large manufacturers in terms of sanitary products to promotion? No doubt is a feast again and again, for the strength of the poor business, more helpless, basically do not do not hold white do, do a white mentality to do. read more

What are the preferential policies for College Students

students are no longer what strange things, because students have many bottlenecks, there are many difficulties, so many places with many preferential policies and support for them, what are the specific? Might as well take a look at!

A, enterprise registration

procedure more simplified

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Zhou Hongyi that’s how I chose my investment projects

many investors do not know their own selection of entrepreneurial projects, has been in the stage of indecision, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the experience of a selection of investment projects Zhou Hongyi, we want to help.

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Hu Keqian’s clothing chain to join the entrepreneurial story

venture Road is difficult, want to own their own business must have a firm and indomitable will and indomitable heart, Hooke lead by his actions and results proved that he had to insist on, do not want to use the strength to start their own business.

1997, in Yiwu to do business with the help of a friend, 19 year old Hooke lead his father to give up to $20 thousand, came to Yiwu alone. He had 3 helpers, opened a clothing store "me.". In the first few months, Hooke lead with a superb craftsmanship and good service, won a number of fixed customers. At that time, handmade clothing is very popular in Yiwu at the time, on the one hand,   variety is not very rich, people demand for fashion is very urgent; on the other hand, he paid attention to service is, as far as possible to meet customer demand, coupled with his clothes made of personal comfort, so business is booming. read more

Women do poineering work

now, a lot of women after marriage to have children, want to go back to the office to work is very difficult, on the one hand to take care of their families, on the other hand, a lot of jobs for married women more restrictions. Women entrepreneurship has become a hot topic now. So, what do women do? Xiaobian this introduces a few suitable for women entrepreneurship projects.

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What is the significance of the development of urban and rural medical insurance in Anhui

2016 Chinese hospital health economics society and medical insurance committee before the seminar held in Hefei, the Provincial Planning Commission Director Yu Dezhi said, our province is developing the urban and rural medical insurance plan, is expected to further enhance the level of urban and rural health care financing. It is noteworthy that the province is building a number of provincial diagnostic platform to solve the problem of limited level of primary hospital diagnosis. Keywords:

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Liang Musheng Policy escort to make up for lack of customer satisfaction

China has entered the era of entrepreneurship, in such an era background, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Professor of the board of the beam noted that the current rapid increase in the number of entrepreneurs, and to diversify. At this time the government should provide more comprehensive policies, so that entrepreneurs can do.

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What to do in the rural business is recommended to get rich in rural areas

is now the country’s economic development is also very fast, the national policy is tilted to the countryside, so there are many rural business opportunities. A lot of friends want to do business in the countryside, so, what good business in the countryside? Is there a good project? Let’s take a look.

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