Month: July 2017

12 data to help you shop business

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(1) turnover

1) turnover reflects the business trend of the store.

for the past sales data, combined with the development of the regional industry, through the daily follow-up of the turnover, weekly summary comparison, in order to adjust the promotion and promotion activities.

2) set up sales targets for shops and employees.

set up shop management objectives and staff sales targets according to turnover data, and subdivide the turnover target into monthly, weekly, daily, per hour, per shift, and make employees’ goals more clear. read more

Made a fatal mistake in correcting the website

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a company’s website was punished, so he opened a new website in order to save the old site of the company information copied the new station, did not expect this new station also received the same punishment. So today and share the lessons of failure:

some people feel strange, network promotion is not to promote their own companies? Why web information can not be the same? Then, for everyone to explain in detail.


to explain the concept of website promotion, website promotion is the promotion of various approaches to web site keywords as the core content, including search engine keyword bid ranking service, keyword search engine optimization services, any one kind of effective ways to promote the site no one is not along your web site keywords to start. read more

How does individual stationmaster let website speed fly

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on a personal web site over the situation, how to make their sites. This is a talent shows itself, many people want to know the answers to the questions, then how do I want to do it, in addition to their own web pages at the same time do a variety of promotional activities, it is also quite important, is site access speed, this problem is easily forgotten by many people indeed.

don’t know all the webmaster friends have enhanced speed awareness in this respect, I think this is the key, the network itself has such a material fast, access speed and site visits the site has a direct close contact. According to the survey, seventy percent of people said the time spent waiting for link sites would not exceed 10 seconds. I think 10 seconds are very long, in general, within 5 seconds can show the meeting, 10 seconds too long, I should belong to another thirty percent people. read more

How do you see through the real internal data of a web site

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now more and more websites, flicker is more and more fierce, did not do how long the small web site, but also external claims of their popularity, how high, how the audience how wide, how content, how fine. Well, how can you really see through the internal data of a website? Here, I provide myself a little experience.

1 PR value. This is a standard that Google provides for the overall nature of the site. In general, the higher the value, the more influential the site should be. But here I want to say is that the PR value of the comparison should be limited to the same industry, the same type of site comparison. Different industries between the site of the PR value of the comparison is meaningless, for example, an electronic industry website, the PR value will be higher than a entertainment or medical website PR value, but its actual flow may not be comparable to it. The PR value of some websites is only determined by its industry characteristics. Especially in mainland China, the proportion of Google currently used is becoming smaller and smaller, which needs attention. read more

Free landing, convenient and quick

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Trojan horse, a familiar and feared name, is based on remote control, with the Internet developing today. Once it’s controlled by a Trojan horse, your computer will have no secrets at all. Antivirus, Trojan horse has become a required course for everyone who has a computer". In order to reduce unnecessary trouble, the majority of users will take the initiative to find some similar "how to effectively prevent Trojans" articles and anti-virus software, as much as possible to reduce time costs. read more

Dunhuang network CEO Wang Shutong talk about entrepreneurship, sharing happiness is more important t

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host: the micro-blog training camp for the seventieth phase begins now. Thank you for coming to our event this weekend. Our guest today is Ms. Wang Shutong, founder and founder of Dunhuang network CEO. Wang founded excellence in 1999 and served as CEO in 99 years to 2002. Prior to this, Wang is still Microsoft, CISCO and other foreign enterprises as executive positions. Wang always started the Dunhuang network in 04 years. So Wang will share her story with us today. She has also worked as an executive in a foreign company and will share her career experience with us. She is now engaged in the industry, as well as pre – business excellence, is to do e-commerce. We also want to listen to Wang’s views on e-commerce today. Wang is always one of the few beauties we have ever visited, CEO. The following applause welcomes wang. read more

Network brand naming strategy

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mentioned "Benz", people will think of the German car; the mention of "Fuji", was reminiscent of the Japanese film; the mention of "Coca-Cola", people will associate carbonated drinks in USA; similarly, Amazon will make people think of online book store, people will naturally the "Alibaba" and "network" link, visible, brand name is the representative of the brand, is the soul of the brand, embodies the brand personality and characteristics.

good brand name can not only cause the unique association of consumers, but also can accurately reflect the characteristics of the brand, has a strong impact force, stimulate consumer psychology, enhance the consumer’s desire to buy. For businesses, good brand names can also enhance the image of themselves and products. The use of brands has far exceeded the early identification category, become consumers and businesses to communicate emotional ties, become an important means of enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. read more

YAHOO and Ali mom statistics

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open Ali mom’s advertising, display statistics and points into the YAHOO after looking at the statistics page, how much difference,


Ali mother is not YAHOO statistics? Why is it so much difference,


is it true that there are no friends,


below is my station (BBS code network statistics, we see:

‘s show on Ali’s mother is:

, but statistics on YAHOO are

Success of Internet business (ten) case analysis of successful websites (3)

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The success of the

website has its own reference for new Internet business novice, how fast through the station to earn a pot of gold, to understand and learn from the successful website profit model is very necessary.

one, you can also be a successful webmaster

two, play shares of the city network

three, Automotive China to do the most practical vehicle site

four, CG art vanguard – CGFinal net

five, take the professional direction of Iraq show female network

six, change the network to experience the fun of DIY pictures read more

The website is missing in Baidu rank, how to do

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in SEO industry often complained: "I heard SEOER sites in the Baidu ranking of how down?" in the search engine optimization in ranking fluctuation is normal, especially do Baidu ranking optimization website, want the key words in Baidu ranking is more ideal, then we must be more careful, do website every point. Because Baidu check on the website of the very strict! But, even if we find the website ranking dropped, also do not have to be careful, declines that contains many factors, as long as the static under heart of every detail of the website, and then corrected Baidu update again perhaps will have a certain effect. Then you can check the reasons for this from the following factors: read more

Use hot news events to improve website traffic

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July 22nd, the earth has undergone 500 years of total solar eclipse wonders, some parts of the Yangtze River Valley has the opportunity to experience the wonderful landscape of total eclipse, experiencing 500 only encountered a immersive experience. But yesterday the weather is cloudy in Xuzhou, even the sun didn’t see the shadow of the eclipse, did not appear. However, last night the storm, cool breeze today, the summer heat has been driven away, the mood is very comfortable, do not know whether this is entrusted with the "total eclipse" blessing read more

Nine major behavioral characteristics of China’s Internet users

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1: inertial

user: "why is your sorting button missing?"

customer service: pro, we put it on the right, so that more obvious oh."

users: "you are very idle? Nothing to get this button to do what


has a story, said the cheese in the maze third lattice, and then put the mouse into the maze, the first time, the mouse to find the first, then find second, finally found in the third square, very happy. The second time, first find the first, and then find second, and again third times found in the lattice, very happy. The third time, the mouse went straight to the third lattice to find the cheese. Fourth times, fifth times, the cheese didn’t move. The sixth time, cheese was moved to the first lattice, the mouse can not see cheese, so angry, depressed, impatient, spinning in situ, but gave up, continue to find. read more

The survival philosophy of local websites paying customers is dug out

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client is the local website yisifumu. Similar competitive local websites is becoming increasingly fierce, whether you do open portals, forums, or engage in second-hand, poly talent, push online shopping, the day has already a single large, being gone for ever. To achieve a stable profit by waiting, by waiting for customers to visit your site will not, at least the poor effect. For most of the webmaster, the funds are very limited, can not afford to search engine promotion, but also can not afford the cost of outdoor advertising. In this case, in addition to continue to be keen on SEO, I think the most primitive and the most effective way is offline marketing. Marketing advertising tells us that the enemy but the telephone marketing, telephone marketing match come to visit, this is the car king Henry · Ford for his advice: "for sale to attract customers to visit in person". Here, I would like to share with you Sanming 0598 talent line for customers practical experience, I hope you have some local webmaster inspiration. Today we will discuss the question of where the customer comes from first, and next time we will talk about how to win customers". read more

Talking about the preparation for the development of local gateways

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the future of local portals and industry vertical portal developed rapidly, talk about the operation of local portals some thinking, so that local portal friends do some psychological preparation in advance. Before the Wuhan Webmaster Station organized several webmaster gathering, now summarize, for everyone to share!

!Plan and budget

1. before starting

Forewarned is forearmed. Local portal planning determines the success or failure of the project. Of course, the plan does not change quickly, but also at any time to adjust and supplement your plan. read more

Sharing Adsense must change the mentality of making money

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I’m not into the station, but also have several domain names on the Internet, hanging up on several websites, estimated IP of not more than 100, often just removed from behind, station, Admin5, come here every day to see the success stories of others, that is more stationmaster’s complaints here. Baidu and Google how to write injustice, write how difficult do stand. Here, I would like to talk about my views, and I hope to arouse common thinking and change your situation.

believes that the primary purpose of trying to do the webmaster every day is to make money, not to say how much you stand IP, your PR, your Alexa ranking is high, not earn money if you will still continue to complain, to continue your difficult course, the real money webmaster to silence to make money, no time to come here every day to the feeble, don’t care about here a few soft with do not go what the value of IP, I am very lazy, but too lazy to write something every day, since leaving school basically no written text, is also afraid of writing out of order for everyone to see, I basically every day is to learn some useful things for yourself. Of course, I want to make money online, too. read more