Month: July 2017

Push a website from quantitative change to qualitative change

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wrote a "push one" celebrity effect to our thinking, many webmaster friends reprinted, or more happy. Do website have no advantage, and some only to the website of love. Today to talk about a quantitative change to qualitative change, as the new owners, is certainly a quantitative change in quantity, such as our website add articles, writing articles, each article are original, each one is careful, if a IP article for you, the 10 100 articles, 1000 articles, it may be the ideal words too, but you think your website even the basic content is not much, the search engine will be included: how much do you have, can bring much traffic to you, if you write the article, each article do the basic optimization, highlight the key words. The probability that the search engines search to your site will improve a lot, we can observe the soft kill read more

Zhong Zhixin website usability for user experience analysis (three)

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old rule, or the introduction: the user can not complete the main reason for the purchase, can only be attributed to the site’s poor usability. Perhaps this success rate varies in different industries and different target users, but it is undeniable that website usability is one of the most important reasons why many websites prevent users from purchasing. The following is then last decomposition, if you have not read the first episode and the second episode of friends in the search for "Zhong Zhixin: the user experience of the website usability analysis (a)", "Zhong Zhixin: user experience analysis of website usability (two) or" pay attention to Zhong Zhixin’s blog and forum webmaster heart. read more

Personal webmaster sentiment little bit of the station

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I haven’t done the website for a long time. I’m taking the liberty to talk to you about my experience. On the whole, the website management needs to persevere, regard it as the hobby, face with the ordinary state of mind.

, the Internet is a lot of achievements in millions or tens of millions, or even billionaires, easy to just enter the industry people, especially young people to mind at a high temperature state, full of hope and confidence in the future, that is equal to enter the profession. But the Nuggets started is this will make a lot of people at a time the setback lost power forward and the beginning of passion, to leave the stage. Identity. In fact, it is a network need long time to explore and research, to develop place to enter the industry must maintain a stable and realistic attitude, slowly to understand it, to understand it can you stop here. read more

Webmaster friends master the game rules to make your monthly income of million

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used to do network management, the knife had played a online game. Feeling that you want to beat your opponent in the game, the basic condition is to master the rules of the game, to master the rules of the game, coupled with targeted exercises. Set up a set of their own play, it is easy to remain invincible in the game.

Internet is like rivers and lakes, in the rivers and lakes, naturally understand the rules of rivers and lakes, like playing games, to understand the rules of the game. I believe that many friends have seen the CCTV Premiere of the "Legend of Bruce Lee", the hero of the story Bruce Lee, the Kung Fu giant created a new type of martial arts, and established its own martial arts system. To a great extent, the Kung Fu giant was respected by the world because he transcended himself and made new rules of the game. From the Kung Fu giant’s struggle, it is easy to see that the premise of making new rules of the game is to be familiar with the existing rules of the game. read more

Novice webmaster do station experience 2 months income of more than 4000 yuan

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looked at CNZZ statistics, I love WPE has been running for more than 2 months, this is my first time to have their own forum, as a temporary webmaster. I know, 2 months income of 4000 yuan, for all the webmaster circles is not big, but for the first time to do my site, has been very satisfied. Here, write down the experience that I operated this website (correct name is forum) during these 2 months.

at first, I didn’t want to do what website, just out of their hobby (terminology, WPE: network packet editor, a network packet capture software, it can make some game plug-in, through which the packet interception, then use some package command to defraud the server, in order to achieve some can not be achieved the function of the game. ) set up a few groups and met lots of friends who like WPE as well. With more and more deep exchanges, feeling that QQ group alone is difficult to meet everyone’s technical exchange needs, and there is no online communication forums, so they sprouted themselves to do a forum on WPE. read more

Talking about the phenomenon of runaway website

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beware: the things that go up online will also be pulled down. What? "Gravity" on the Internet? Yes, recently I’ve been getting more and more letters from online entrepreneurs about the terrible disaster of their website being out of control. They were online to appreciate the power of Newton’s first law, but not apple, but websites.

how can the site get out of hand? Reasons for ISP or hosting web server companies. Your web server in the hands of the people, a people management website, it is not a problem. This problem does not matter for others, for you will be killed! Especially if you spend money to buy the server hosting, especially online business is your website so if the guy eat, one or two weeks, you stand? read more

Summary of experience, how to let Google fast included website

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Hello, I am a bit of micro-blog webmaster, brother do standing time is not long, in A5 diving for so long, has not dared to show up, afraid of predecessors jokes. Today, drum up courage, and decided to share some of their experience with the new long master ~ master float. Straight into the topic, today to share with you is how to make the website super fast Google included, and get the ranking. My station is on line 4.30, today is 5.1, less than 48 hours before and after, it is pretty fast, ~

new station to fast speed was Google included, and get the top ranking, specific practice: read more

Optimizing websites to avoid cheating

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In the

of the site optimization, some optimization measures may have violated the search engine, but we do not know, when we come to that website punished when it was too late to be search engine, so as to optimize the site to memorize all these cheating, don’t make a mistake, make our the healthy growth of the website. The following are some of the summary of cheating:

1. uses the bridge page to jump pages to cheat. The page jump page is a web page designed solely to obtain search rankings for a particular keyword. These pages will not appear in the site navigation, but was used to guide visitors to other pages further into the site, do not pay attention to these pages, but there is a link at the bottom of the page, visitors guide into the real substantive part of the website. These sites on the keywords get good rankings will give visitors guide to the real web page, this page is not what harmful, but it is not what value, so the search engine to collect these ". read more

Webmaster Entrepreneurship a steady job after the entrepreneurial dream

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Two weeks on

, I received a letter from a friend of:

, part of the y@sh letter

I am 38 years old, his wife, 3 year old children, a family of three, the average monthly income of 5 thousand of my wife, more than 4 thousand children in kindergarten, plus mortgage 3 thousand, place of residence in Shenyang, the second city, the consumption level is not high, I’m tired of the current work, have their own business plan for a long time, want to by creating a web site. I don’t want to do the work now, entrepreneurial ideas for a long time, want to take a holiday now, to concentrate on the site, feel that they do or will be great development space, plans were founded two aspects of maternal website, content related information, hot topics, methods, interactive entertainment and so on, on the basis of also want to start a forum, registered members has increased in popularity, the profit model mainly for advertising. My age is not small, and I do not want to muddle around in this company, please master pointing one or two. read more

Some analysis of original articles in search engines

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now a lot of people think that search engines included in the original content, and even for the ranking can play a certain role. Writing this article today is based on my personal observations over the past few months, some personal analysis. If there is incorrect or missing part of the hope that we can add. Personally, I’d like to discuss it with you. If you are interested, you can add my QQ:24722.

I have written some original articles, so I always pay more attention to the performance of these articles in search engines. During this period, I summed up the experience, search engine for your site of the original text is not sure can be included, the original text included or not, is based on the relevance of your site to decide. For example, if your site is a game category, but you publish articles about certain health topics, then the search engine will be based on your site definition to exclude this article. Maybe you don’t think that’s true. But please be clear about one thing, of course, can not say absolutely, even if there are some sites of the article is collected, it can also be included, and the effect is also good. This also contains the weight of the problem, this aspect will not say, will not seem very wordy, the key I described is its original article is based on the relevance of your site to make a choice. read more

The origin of profit, how does the sale of group buying website come

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introduction: before wrote two "breakdown of domestic group purchase industry wonderful website" article, thanks to the enthusiastic readers and onlookers paizhuan. Before write this article, talk about why I don’t have the data were compared and elaborated the way, but in the form of narrative. That is because the core data are confidential group purchase website (except rice network, who let it be listed companies subsidiary!), the present report data to any third parties need to go through the website group purchase licenses to release, as a result, the real data of each big website is to be elegant. In the future, my article will still be adhering to the previous writing methods, not to compare data. read more

Why many entrepreneurs can not get second investment

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for entrepreneurs, the choice of a suitable project, with sufficient funds, is very important. In the business circle there is a word called for having heard it many times the "valley of death", meaning that the between creativity and entrepreneurship. From a financial point of view, the word also represents a huge gap between the good feelings from the enjoyment of the first seed money to get a formal investment can not be obtained.

read more

Specialty stores need to pay attention to what issues

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is now a variety of specialty products are still very popular, consumers believe that such products have distinct characteristics, but also superior quality. So now open specialty stores to make money? What are the issues that need attention? If you don’t know, you can take a look.

Analysis of

read more

How to select the characteristics of snack bar business projects

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operating characteristics of the snack bar hot, profitable, and therefore attract a lot of business attention. How to choose the right investment projects? Xiaobian finishing the relevant experience, I hope to help you, and quickly learn it, you can not miss.

1, training system: in the choice of joining the brand, depending on whether the company can join the business to provide a perfect, high-quality service system. Especially in the current market competition is extremely intense environment, for a special snack management and services also have higher requirements, so the management of these employees in urgent need of professional and scientific! Generally speaking, a special snack successful franchise brand, must have a set of mature and perfect marketing mode of read more

Introduce some creative ways to get a good name

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wants to take a good name, the traditional way of narrative may no longer fit the current name, success requires more creative. In fact, a lot of shop name ideas, take a good note and resounding name, non policy "edge ball" is not it? Some industry insiders therefore summed up a good name and good advertising words, good brand name of several major creative ways for reference:

1. comprehensive type: the enterprise business and auspicious words to combine performance, such as "downwind car". read more