Month: August 2017

shlf1314 AdSense the advertisement does not show status notesMultitray Entrepreneurs to raise public

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first of all, the advertisement area is blank and there is no advertising. This may be a technical problem when adding code, possibly for the following three reasons.

2., your website violates our policy, so we stopped advertising show. You can go to your account mailbox to see if there is any notification mail we sent, and read our policy carefully and change the website to our policy. Upon completion of this change, you can reply directly to our notification mail. We can resume the advertisement after the review. read more

Micro-blog on the road of development with WitkeyTeach you how to choose advertising League and matc

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everyone according to their personal circumstances, first of all advertising test, not bad that day money, advertising position change, see the effect, this is the most important. This article is from the author

China’s advertising alliance, the SP alliance, has been dead in the early stages of its crackdown. The advertising alliance for adult products was also closed later, with Chinese websites falling down in what is known as "vulgar".

a few days ago accidentally discovered several good micro-blog tools plus fans 5 Sina micro-blog tools to help you quickly improve micro-blog fans Japan, over a thousand strolling in these tools on the platform have discovered a new type of Witkey Wangzhuan platform "micro propaganda", he is a guest the platform specifically for Sina micro-blog and micro-blog NetEase. read more

Xiangpiaopiao IPO successful year advertising costs 360 million yuan for whoNovice do not understand

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editor’s note: IPO xiangpiaopiao passed, A became the first A-share market shares of tea.

is the best way to do the guest yourself to be a site and then implement SEO to optimize product guide to the website, and for the new website is concerned, is the beginning of obstacles, what application domain name, domain name, what what what FTP, HTML code, SEO and so on, this is very strange for keywords people, especially just entered the circle of people, no one is willing to volunteer to help you, so in the short term to make a website looks very difficult, even if it is not to say, can not make money. In addition, a website to calculate at least 100 yuan for investment, not to make money on the new money is difficult to accept. Today, I learned from my own and some of the knowledge, mainly for new people, Taobao guests, how to do not build a web site, you can quickly make money from Taobao customers. Veterans can skip. read more

Yang Bin, former vice president of NetEase Why are the media entrepreneurs leaving their jobsKingdee

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lies in

below is "entrepreneur" & I dark horse interview Yang Bin Dictation:

15 afternoon, Kingdee announced the full march into the e-commerce service market, and launched enterprise SaaS services. Kingdee also announced that the company will launch e-commerce platform – friendly dealer network in the near future, the friends of the business enterprise can be completed online internal process management, brand promotion, information search, commodity trading and a series of business activities, the platform also provides for enterprises, such as Alibaba like B2B trading service. read more

Dare to face the failure of entrepreneurship in several stagesThe application of treasure entreprene

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third stages: emotional

The recent two moves by

‘s most notable feature is, of course, "small programs."". Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, explained: "this is an application that does not need to be downloaded or installed. Users can open it by scanning or searching.". The concept of "run out of use" is also implemented, and users do not have to worry about the problem of installing too many applications. Applications will be ubiquitous and ready to use, but need not install uninstall. read more

Cheap CN domains, dreams, cruelty and reality

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doesn’t know whether the government is promoting the CN domain name or to get rid of the domain name server’s reliance on American domain name resolution.

CN domain name dropped to one dollar a, and some still 50 fen. This cheap domain name really is very popular with personnel from all walks of life, a time we rush about telling the news around spreading. As a result, various people have begun desperately registering CN domains. The reason is simple. The Internet can make money. From the small business started QQ, to destroy countless aspiring youth grand. People’s ears from rape to Taobao, dozens of billionaires listed rash and too much in haste to create Baidu. In addition, the number of Chinese Internet users reached two hundred million. Seems to be telling people a message, twenty-first Century is the Internet age, the network can give people a huge wealth. Various media reports on various networks to create wealth, it is to let people believe the network making the rich mythology. Many companies involved in the Internet, personal station number is multiplied all the way. CN domain name cabbage price is to help up the momentum. read more

Internet business success (four) improve the function of the site easier to use

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operation is the key to the continuous growth of the site. Only the detailed and unique planning and implementation of the content of the website, coupled with the necessary operations, can the website be in an invincible position in the competition.

1. Quickly enrich content for new sites,

two, to avoid copying the practical content of anti-theft method

three, content integration, production site map,

four, forum moving software quick transfer data

five prevents web content from being stolen read more

Xinjiang has a monthly income of 5000 students out of school website

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I’m a sophomore. Although it’s now a new era in the 2009, I don’t know, understand and contact computers very early. It was an Internet cafe for students who had gone to school and went to school last semester. It was my age, but it was small. I didn’t want to be an adult. Luckily my friend and Internet cafe owner was familiar with it and said, "give me an hour to let me go.". I felt curious when I was surfing the Internet for the first time, but I didn’t do anything, and I didn’t remember what I did. However, this is silly to sit for an hour to let me crazy in love with computer, the Internet — I will open the web site. This is in my junior high school when the computer class asked the teacher, and then never go to the net. read more

Webmaster, how did you update your website

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Hello, I am 38pc net station I was the eldest son of books, and everyone xiankan, talk about their superficial understanding of something, interested friends can join together, the theme is "the research of the personal webmaster grassroots webmaster, is how to update your own website?"

first I ventured to "network" the old man of a definition: the network is the pot luandun. Out of order and colorful, is called him Luandun, can be said as the network hodgepodge trait decision. As a kind of network, the party’s Square, circle is round, the network no rules or regulations, the owner of their own, can be said that no one can really dominate it, Ma, Ma Huateng, Robin Li can not…… It’s hard to say, this guy is trying to dominate, huh?… Want to eat this pot Luandun network, also really aimed to eat, pick your love to eat, is aimed at the characteristics of the user, so do the search engine to help you pick out the things you love read more

Peng Hongwei the network promotion needs innovation, but must be conservative

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A few days ago,

wrote an article "innovation is small B2C’s way out" Bowen, after a friend asked me, network promotion method is also should innovation? In fact about the network promotion means the problem of innovation, since June to resign to do studio, customers often have told me about this problem. Some customers who come to consult the network promotion business will always ask me a question, that is, what will you do to promote it?. When I told some of the promotional tactics that the studio took, the other party would reply, "your methods are so common, but what’s new?"". When I heard such an answer, I could not help but reply, "no!"". read more

Marx founder Zhou Tao talk about personal Adsense how to do movie station

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Hello, I’m Marx, founder of Zhou Tao. I’m glad to talk to you here about how to make a movie station. First of all, I’d like to talk about why you choose to be a movie station. I remember 03 years ago I began to do the station, all kinds of have tried, when it was pure interest, the film station is one of the traffic done well, and later I chose to develop film sites.

is half the time I didn’t do what station, what are you doing, what you want to do in the station is more promising, rather than short-term garbage station, thought a lot, also asked many webmaster friends together to discuss, the results still did not result in the past six months. read more

Sheng drench website promotion how to select keywords

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today’s topic: how to select keywords in website promotion. Before I have written many articles about website promotion, we as grassroots webmaster, the most like is to take their own experience to share learning. Well, don’t say much, today I want to tell you a little about keyword selection.

The promotion of the

network’s first step is to learn to write the soft (but I will explain here), we write soft in mind at the same time, must consider the following questions: the keyword that is good, how to select keywords, keyword density in an article to account for much proportion of related problems, I also try several different ways to test the key factors here today for everyone to do a summary: in fact, we choose to follow a few keywords as long as the principle of standard, can easily find their desired keyword. read more

To a beginner’s point of view, talk about electronic business platform essential skills

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introduction: in China about electricity supplier, I think we should be the first feeling, Ma Yun Ali, Taobao, Jingdong these platforms, due to the work, the recent few articles have to share with friends, and for the electricity supplier industry, can only be regarded as a beginner, given the lack of practical theory support, so the entire document the main contents form the basis, based on the consideration of the third party as a platform for the operation of the foundation, content focus mainly around the business platform of the related operation indicators, user behavior, user purchase decision, by understanding and studying the relevant data calculation method, the formation of the habit of collecting and sorting data in the process of operation, to provide data support the decision on the new operating platform for the promotion, new. read more

P2P net loan platform operation how to find yourself in practice

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recently a lot of exchange with me net loan marketing platform operation basically asked me three questions: what do they do in net lending operations every day should have some ability to work? What? What a good qualified operators? Many people have said that he is blind, like every boy like. No target.

actually, these problems have been bothering me all the time. I do business for more than three years, has been very casual, that is, do more, everything is spent to do a good job, responsible for each activity, every plan, every implementation of marketing. These problems are seldom considered systematically. Recently I have been summed up his experience to write some articles to share, more and more platform operation or promotion personnel and I communicate with me, operation and marketing of the things, I suddenly realized that the answers to these questions will do everything for you the details. Today I would like to share with you some of the years of operation and understanding of the operation and summary. Let us understand how to operate as a net loan to find themselves in practice. read more

Article title is too long lead to Baidu chain reduce weight drop

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we have always known that Baidu spider is a robot, although engineers give him some wisdom, but he is still a machine, has not yet reached the human intelligence.

a few days ago, I added dozens of articles in secretarial chowder network, because of concerns about the title of the article with the class, sometimes find it difficult to choose. For example, in a speech, the main title "tree hotel image and Tianma subtitle is" fresh air "Pegasus Hotel staff deeds speech", if I choose this title, so some abrupt, take the latter is a bit too popular, according to Baidu selection rules, Baidu spider love those who have individual articles no way, I had to say, "a tree image of the hotel operation Pegasus Pegasus Hotel – air staff deeds speech", so always think the best of both worlds. read more