Month: August 2017

How to improve user experience in foreign trade websites

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generally do foreign trade website will involve doing English website, it is easier to communicate with foreigners, but many owners simply will Chinese websites for the translation, became English version of the website, not knowing that this is to do foreign trade website taboo, because there is no consideration to foreigners use habits, in fact do English website also needs to improve the user experience! Here is how to improve the user experience of


1: Web Design

foreign trade website to take into account the aesthetic view of foreigners, they are generally not with simplicity as beauty, love fantastic colors, so a page is best not more than three colors, the general can use blue and white color, white, blue for ornament, also can use the other two kinds of color collocation. In product design, if the product is placed in the page above the long-term will not be modified, then you can put the product pages into static pages, if often changes to the product page, you need to complete through the dynamic database, but also to add a page can be converted into a static function, after Google etc. search engines love static pages! Jianzhan procedures generally used div+css+ pure static page generation method, and business news or industry news can Consider using a dynamic database completely, so it’s easy to update and easy to search for, read more

Cross border electricity supplier Atlas who is robbing the last piece of cake Big brother dry son or

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Abstract: a review on a series of financing event occurred in 2014, especially in the big influx of capital, has basically been completed business the first two rounds of investment, pick up their own players to set up their own clan

January 27th Ocean Terminal announced the acquisition of Shanghai international group led international tournament fund of 100 million dollars B round of financing, have blue until finally the resurrection full of blood, "quietly" told the VC children’s shoes without vision: sorry, we pro, prices rose too much, a lot of that. read more

Function optimization + appropriate hype + reasonable encouragement + positive integration = forum u

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webmaster to do the website know, the website wants to get long-term development, the basic point is not in profit mode or management, but in the user. A website, especially a forum based on information exchange, the importance of the user speaks for itself. If this forum to continue and lasting development, improve the user viscosity is imperative, and I graduated from it, a number of small business website, though not what a brilliant record, but it did blog, website, website etc. several types, somewhat below their ideas I would like to share their own methods often used in improving user viscosity on the forum, I hope you can help. read more

Baidu post bar, a new battlefield of network marketing

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2007, the survey showed that the number of domestic community portal, IDC service providers and hundreds of well-known Internet community website Comsenz company and iResearch: the community has more than China application users instant communications (IM), a basic Internet application after the mail. 61.7% of the community Internet users in the purchase of goods will first consider the views of community users, and the views of community users have become the most important factors affecting other Internet users buying behavior. IResearch think: Community targeted, high viscosity and strong interaction characteristics and advantages, determines the community has a very high value in the marketing community, "opinion leaders" are published views and experiences, are consciously and unconsciously influenced the consumption concept and consumption behavior of other community users. read more

Select preferential domain name authentication type SSL certificate to be sure to connect

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DV SSL Certificate ( discount will be carried out when the certificate price is as low as 12.8 yuan / month, help to achieve the Internet total station HTTPS. If you have any queries when you select the DV certificate at, you may contact the official website "SSL certificate" at any time.

must connect Internet DV SSL certificate

install SSL certificate can improve website ranking, such as Baidu search engine will install the SSL certificate into the web site ranking factors, under the same conditions, the website ranking is superior to install SSL certificate is not installed. In addition, in the HTTPS era of the Internet, the user awareness of security is more and more strong, the installation of SSL certificate allows users to more assured, improve the brand image of the site. read more

Novel stations have been everywhere, but how to improve the flow of the site

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has been doing novel websites for a while, and I will introduce myself to you according to my own experience. How do I improve the flow of the website?.

, first of all, prepare a good domain name, fast and stable space and good website programs. The registered domain name can be similar to the name of the website, so that it is convenient for visitors to remember. Site access speed must be fast, usually the visitors will not be willing to wait more than 5 seconds, unless he is very patient, or have other things on the site on your site, otherwise it will lose a large part of the flow. read more

Sharing experience and skills in operating SkyDrive web sites

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I created SkyDrive website, after running two months, the user exceeded the fifty thousand mark, is really very pleased. Moreover, the momentum of development is very good, and it has accumulated a very good experience and some experience, hard work will eventually be harvested. Now, let me share my experience with you and hope that you can make good communication with me.

one, stick to

no matter what the website, the most important thing is to adhere to, this is the most important. Today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, the day after tomorrow is bright, but most people die in the evening of tomorrow. As long as the determination of goals, we must strive to persevere, and do not hesitate, do not regret, perseverance is victory. read more

SEO, stop each other and pseudo original, come in and see

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‘s purpose in writing this article is to talk about my ideas about seo. In this small series industry soon (I is to do the whole network marketing, SEO is just one part of), but have their own unique insights, hope that through writing this article give some suggestions related to perception, colleagues or people.

, when I was in the industry, I’ve seen a lot of things done by halves. In fact, we can not blame them, everyone’s temperament is different, impatient people can not do it. But what I want to tell you is that SEO is actually a very interesting thing. read more

Sao years, network optimization, you really do not understand

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I believe a lot of friends to see the title, there is a K for impulse, whether you have this impulse, will you please Jingxiaxinlai after reading this article, the brick, please consider.


is just an ordinary 90, a lot of people are not optimistic about today’s 90, but I always believe in myself, he is a successful person! Welcome you to explore the online network optimization and the author (QQ:2529425294; Domain Name: bitter child).

network optimization is divided into three points: the first point is to optimize the station (now we call him user experience) is second; the station optimization (many people understand is outside the chain, commonly known as the keyword ranking, website weight); third is the network extrapolation, many of my friends will put this second points and mixed together. read more

The joy of successfully applying for GOOGLE advertising

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two days before I apply to GOOGLE advertising account, open the mail that you, the heart feel really happy, because I applied for many times, every time is failure, the success should be my sincerity touched the hearts of GOOGLE, let me write this time to feel the success of.

I do this station, it should be said that there are almost three months, and began to do an emotional article stand, because of other reasons, changed to the present I love design network. Because my present job is about making this piece of design. Therefore, it should be said to write some original article is no big problem. Later, in a friend’s introduction, let me join the GOOGLE Union, put some advertising, you can buy space costs earned back, I went to GOOGLE tried, failed once, two failed. Later, I said, forget it, do not do this, and every day concerned about updating my content, okay, read more