Month: September 2017

Shanghai Longfeng institute should do

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contact Shanghai dragon has been a few years time, but the real Shanghai Dragon technology to do network marketing has just begun. At this time, also have the same feeling and other Shanghai dragon promotion personnel, that is tired, bitter, tedious.

I feel the hair of the chain is in the process of Shanghai dragon most tired and most tedious work, but the chain is going to increase every day. Of course, you might say, can go to write text. In fact, it could not be better, but for a novice or a literary bad person, how to write text? The most common way is to go to the forum and the top post. In fact, I see a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master in the hair of the chain when the chain. Visible outside the chain is a compulsory course in Shanghai dragon. So how in the hair of the chain to find some happiness? I usually choose to send the chain in 2 directions, one is the Shanghai dragon forum is a professional forum. read more

The five principles of the Links exchange station

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Links analysis

1, enterprise site: enterprise site is generally based on marketing enterprise products, is a small site, so the number of control Links should be how much. The proposed control within 20-25.

3, Links exchange, then what is the most appropriate time to exchange it, it was suggested that the weekend time link. Because of the weekend, the person’s idea is from. The occupation of Shanghai dragon is generally are online, this time is good you exchange the link quality, or is fair, this time the link is also consistent with the search principle, because love Shanghai, updated once a week, this time has been updated, so that the weekend connection in 4 weeks so your links should be effective, after the love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, Links effective rate also increased. About 2 to 4 weeks. Google, too. read more

The data analysis of website ranking analysis

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website data analysis is through observation, investigation, experiment and measurement results, the data line to show all aspects of the site situation reflected, to better understand the operation situation of Shanghai dragon Er website, the website optimization strategies to facilitate adjustment. According to the Shanghai based Phoenix website data analysis, including: website, release the chain included, website ranking, website traffic analysis and other aspects. Here on this point:

index: read more

Six new web page included in the page not included

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A new website, One of the reasons the page content within the

two pages, the causes of quality problems.

Many of the new

website appeared only included and not included in the page, even some website has been collected for several months, but the inside pages are not always be included. Why did this happen? In fact, the new site this phenomenon is not surprising, it is possible that some search engine a new adjustment included in the algorithm, and search engine for the assessment of new sites, or sites that do have caused some problems. Here, the author for your specific list of these possible causes. read more

Please for your article with pictures

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love Shanghai graphic launched from the beginning of last year, and now has a long time, after a few months, love Shanghai photo has been fully mature, from the initial development of individual sites to all sites, we found that as long as a web site configuration pictures or articles with pictures, in the search engine search results it will be shown. Even some personal site or small website, will also be on display, at least in a few of my site, show the graphic information, of course, there are some search results on the site is not in the form of graphic display, the site for the new station, for example, my bread net did not show, because this is a new site has been indexed by search engines. read more

The structure and key content of the website and talk about the search engine optimization of

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1, the contents of the original articles to attract users to

1, the core keyword

search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is a very deep knowledge, and will be affected by the new technology or influence engine of the new algorithm, in this way no seniority who is the most cattle, only continuous learning in order to better grasp the technology, at the same time the engine optimization is an art, let me feel that the Internet is not only the logic of the cold machine and her program in a way, the Internet is full of emotion and intelligence, we should always keep a curious and motivated attitude to learning. Today the author and talk about some of my feelings and experience read more

The promotion strategy of Shanghai station optimization love weight

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as everyone knows, the website optimization process especially for the love of Shanghai search engine optimization, the author thinks that the station weight promotions love Shanghai weight and ranking the most direct way is not to say that there is no need to dynamic external promotion but now we should always concern website optimization love Shanghai search engine, we can love Shanghai "quality the white paper found love Shanghai has always stressed the quality content of the website and the browsing experience is helpful to improve the site in the sea of friendship and love. Below the author station optimization optimization some of his own experiences and look for a detailed analysis, we continued to enter today’s theme of short gossip. The promotion strategy of Shanghai station optimization love weight. read more

How to make the website ranking stable

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One of the important factors of

two, the website structure

How to get a stable ranking website

Site Title Importance to Shanghai dragon is self-evident, because of his great, a lot of people tried to set up a website keyword, make the site a better ranking, more traffic for Shanghai dragon. But according to my observation that many people love to stack keywords in the title, especially some enterprises, regardless of keywords is not able to bring the directional flow of words, it is the industry related words, words, words to a high index in the title heap, heap is not the title, key words, description tag or label don’t let go. I don’t understand is to rely on keyword ranking stack up? Some people would say, that their ranking is also very good ah! Yes, that is they have not encountered stronger competitors, they are junk’s defective, want to find a better search engine, but can not find, so do. If there are more competitors, you can’t change it, it would be easy to be pass off. read more

How to write an article with the user experience good articles

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The content of

optimize the content and writing method of the text:


1, the contents of the body must be around the site title narrative, now many of the headlines is a meaning, the content is also a meaning, how such articles can be love? This article will cause the website jump out rate is too high, the bounce rate is too high it will affect the normal development of the website. Love can not love Shanghai a lack of respect for the users of the site, do not believe you try.

4, website content must keep. read more

Only the formation of the brand can transcend the rely on search engines

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loves Shanghai and now Shanghai before the fire, love not to dry up and 360, the results do not dry up. But it is the webmaster and dry up, exactly is the webmaster and love Shanghai dry up.

The 6.22 and 6.28

: so the malicious down, the relevant state agencies will certainly intervene. Malicious network event is not without precedent and convicted. To the end of love Shanghai or justified. Because he updated the main reason is to clean up the garbage, but also users a good network environment so wrong?. Some may be deleted. But can be interpreted as the technology is not mature, so who can bite him? As long as Chinese become an industry of No 1. are not so easy to get across. If you are willing to take the opportunity to get love Shanghai, so I’m sure. read more

The basic knowledge and skills of the deployment of Web site keywords

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users have different habits in the search for information, we can be divided into the core keywords and long tail keywords. For example, the "Li Wenzhong blog" core keywords, long tail keywords example "what" is Li Wenzhong blog website, so for example I believe that everyone has to understand.

site keywords set


(keywords) refers to the user in the search for some information of the words, the choice of keywords and site deployment is one of the important part of search engine optimization, we know that the weight of webmaster tools is to love Shanghai is expected to flow, and the love of Shanghai is expected to flow and according to the website keywords ranking. So the website keywords ranking and website weight is directly related to, some sites may be optimized for a long time without increasing weight, perhaps a great relationship with the website keyword selection. read more

Quanzhou Shanghai dragon teach you brush the relevant search and love Shanghai love Shanghai drop-do

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URL then this would include two key words: "Quanzhou and Shanghai dragon" and "Quanzhou Shanghai dragon love Shanghai roar" the two web site copy, brush to the two. (the best is gray in the power of the network, so that people in different regions, so click) that fall in love with the sea these two words in this period of time, is very popular and search, these two words will be like Shanghai will naturally appear in love Shanghai input box and relevant search, is very simple? But this may take some non God, clever you believe you will do.. read more

Several key points of construction on the site before the Shanghai Dragon

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Select the

, the 3 parameter space

, the length of the domainThe

is now the virtual host may limit the number of IIS connections and CPU occupancy rate and traffic restrictions. In general, the blog and the enterprise network.

domain name as short as possible, convenient visitors memory, remember the NetEase before using netease. If not for 163, now do not have such a big change. Ask some of the largest domestic portal, where a domain name will be long? Such as Nantong weather domain www.a***贵族宝贝 a+ code. This domain name is the user memory. read more

Single page optimization of Shanghai dragon ranking techniques

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[single page ranking] how to operate

2 home recommended: add a single page ranking optimization "link to your single page optimization in Links at home.

3, according to the new single page of the company’s development needs or hotspot timely construction to optimize the ranking, don’t bother to modify your title page, modify the bad and risk.

[page ranked up] how to maintain

[ 4, the transformation of high

Why do the single page ranking [

3, the chain: do something related to the chain, the link is not the home link but do single page: read more

Talk about enterprise web site outside the chain method to increase your

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A., the increase of the chain there are many ways, basic summary: soft release, is to write the soft issue in each relatively high weight site such as: Chinese enterprise website library submit corporate website, with this web site. For enterprise site keywords ranking is also has the very important significance.


please indicate: China enterprise website database source: 贵族宝贝soso.legougou贵族宝贝

B. blog post release and message, is to establish a blog post on the blog, or leave a message on the other more well-known blog on the web link, but the message must have substance that can easily be considered spam links. read more