Month: September 2017

How clever the wedding photography site in Shanghai Longfeng based

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then, is to give full attention to the role of the chain. The chain extension for wedding website promotion, local forums to promote the soft effect, add pictures, put on a regular basis to the forum, will attract a large number of users to watch, air > Forum

again, wedding photography website should pay attention to the refinement of the optimization process of Shanghai dragon. Because the wedding website has many pictures, this is business requirements of beauty, is the user experience a visual impact. But the truth is not love the search engine website with hundreds of pictures and sharp images, therefore, the webmaster in website content update when the image processing should be very cautious. The picture is the priority among priorities of wedding photography website, many wedding photography website, adding a lot of pictures, if the site space, speed and smooth, will give the user a good test, but in fact it would cost the cost of money, therefore, the webmaster can add text, add less pictures not only to access quickly, and give the user a different feeling, the more simple and more able to get a good user experience. The webmaster in Apple visual wedding photography website ( while adding a lot of pictures, the basic processing technologies have done, narrow space, give users a smooth access to space. read more

Based on the site visitors to truly serve the visitors

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The probability of

3, we want visitors to buy our product or service.

stands in the visitor’s point of view, our visitors on our site to buy products when there will be what concerns, if our site visitors can solve these concerns it, so visitors can have a big chance to transfer to our customers. As a consumer, when we in the online consumption of a product or service, our mind will first consider the problem is: why do you want to buy in this website? Here to buy what good.

if we want visitors to our site after leaving the real contact do? Visitors will take the initiative on our site left contact reason from two aspects, one is the visitor to our product or service has a strong demand, and self initiative to leave contact information we hope to contact him. This part of the user is most easily converted to our customers. Another is the visitors to our products or services are only interested in it, we need a method to let visitors more initiative to leave contact information, for example we can provide a product free tutorials allow users to download free download, of course before the first visitors leave their contact information, many visitors will hold try attitude to leave contact information, and do not spend money anyway. read more

About love Shanghai search results analysis and some conjecture thumbnail

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search results means what thumbnails? Means to attract users to click on this issue not only for the title and description of the web page is written. The picture for the user’s visual stimulation is more strong point, a good-looking, relatively strong correlation "thumbnail" can attract more users to click. At this time we may wonder if the thumbnail is the webmaster can control itself is good, let the search results show which picture shows which picture, this is clearly impossible, but we can go to observe, to study the search engine might grab what the picture as the page thumbnails, really is a random crawl or "scratch" read more

Case analysis of URL optimization techniques of the site as a whole

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is the last page. Each content page has only one specific URL, unless you have to link, otherwise there won’t be a content page there are two or more than two URL. For the content page, I love pure static, because when the content page is not the spider crawling most frequently, many of the spider crawling a content page to stay when it is column page 1/10 of the time, so let the spider crawling a content page on the line, many times will result in repeated collection, detrimental to the overall site optimization. There is a content page is best generated page, rather than by calling the data. read more

2B young Taobao Adventuressh419 affiliate ad detail analysis

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is not tall, handsome, rich background, and not particularly poor, low twist, senior otaku, 2B youth, silly, annoying love, basically can be described as me.

thought I was a high school when looked at the mother’s four novel, results in a simple young mind is a sin pseudo literary seed! Often fantasy on a beautiful afternoon, lying on the balcony on the sofa, warm sunshine on the body, drinking coffee and listening to music. Now, come on, what a fucking fit!

actually, I opened Taobao shop is not easy, just to help online banking, registration, auditing and other things took more than a month’s time, the shop is ready, the supply is still relatively headache. I began to find sources on the Internet, but do not want to risk, how to say that they did not experience the courage is relatively small, can not purchase, looking for a home to sell, do not purchase, do not have their own delivery, fairly good, Download Taobao assistant, do not use and continue to learn, to upload pictures while many can modify the batch, but there are still many need one by one to the baby is very hard, so upload. read more

The website to win at the starting line several small details of the optimization of the railway sta

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website to win at the starting line column this is third days to update the kitten, win at the starting line of course that is the site construction or something when you need to pay attention to the planning stage. Webmaster buddy will generally ignore some small details, but because these small details can lead to the website weight buddy does not improve, there is no natural flow. Then the cat today to give you to talk about these small details, I hope to help you, the cat daily vernacular, go up read more

To the understanding of the Shanghai dragon roots the ultimate Shanghai Longfeng process optimizatio

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Key words:

for a just contact Shanghai dragon root words, know Shanghai dragon’s goal is to optimize the website, improve our website ranking, which from the search engine (like Shanghai) to get traffic, it is disguised, please search engine. A flow of words, we can make money, I think this is an idea that most people just contact Shanghai, indeed, as long as the search engine with words, in these words we flow reasonable use, can indeed bring us money benefits. But Shanghai, how to do? I think that plagued the vast majority of people, after all, just a touch of Shanghai Longfeng people what all don’t understand, if you want to do the Shanghai dragon, it is Arabian Nights; unless you through hard work, for a whole process of Shanghai dragon, has a profound understanding it is possible to really put Shanghai dragon well; everyone in order to be able to do better in Shanghai Longfeng, today Xiaobian to Shanghai dragon of the whole operation process to share out, as long as you are careful to practice, can not guarantee that you become a master of Shanghai dragon, but let you become an entry-level Shanghai dragon, the read more

You want to take the Shanghai dragon more simple it will make you more tangled

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Many of my colleagues around

in two years time, two years is no longer let their young students that year, is no longer a mad pursuit of the holder of the future, now in their pragmatic, full and happy, contented, speaking of his now occupation – site optimization is also accidentally found, but to do their own it can also, not only accumulated a certain amount of network resources, but also has several good profit website. May be a man of Arts relying on Internet make a living in the ordinary people it seems unbelievable, I thought. Many of my colleagues in the website optimization above has its own unique insights, I have to ask how to do website optimization, website ranking will be stable in a certain extent. Here today, I give everybody to tell the truth, about the Shanghai dragon is a Xiaoshuai ordinary people, neither special channel, no God help, thanks to their hard work in return, but to say their thinking is not impossible, I and you talk about yourself for a little Shanghai dragon view. read more

Why do you need to improve the current website optimization Website constantly

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enterprise website besides products may have to do is our daily updates, but customers generally most want to see is more about the function of products or news information, so I suggest her revision. The visitors into the enterprise website for the purpose of detailed information about the product, we also hope to see others in the product, because the essence of optimization is to obtain directional flow through the Internet bring to the site core of a large number of customers for the company, not to optimize their release a lot of unnecessary articles, so the focus should be on products and enterprise website the successful case, the author thinks that the enterprise in this article you will stand around your business services around the product to do, as long as the spirit of customer service for the purpose of going, is not updated every day I think there is not much need according to the actual. > read more

Three step to enhance the optimization of dotting Shanghai Longfeng optimization effect

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professional in Shanghai dragon eyes of ER, the web site of the Shanghai dragon optimization must not be used "random" two words, it is not only a idea of keywords set, adjust, on the column for the friends of the chain are deleted, foreign chain optimization behavior of the so-called mass, but a the rule should be optimized as a detailed engineering work seriously. The so-called random optimization and no tricks will be counterproductive, not received the expected results, to achieve the optimization effect is predetermined, need is planned to carry out Shanghai Longfeng optimization work. read more

How to search for the self analysis 360

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But now the 360 Seek cooperation with the alliance of


therefore, no matter from which point of view, 360 want to get in the market at present more than 2 percent share of the performance, so it must seize the weak point of the search industry for self perfection and development. Love Shanghai has many deficiencies, but instead of facing the competition will also highlight its 360 weak, therefore, the need to do some strategies and progress in some other places.

only 360 of the power is at most a minor on the existing basis, impossible love from Shanghai who wipe more share, only through the alliance form, set 100 long before it is possible to completely change the user’s habits. After all, in the existing search system, whether aliyun, immediately, even so Youdao search, do not blindly think alone, with a good idea can make a career, you know the search face is more ordinary users, rather than refined users, allows most people recognize you is the key. From the point of the whole industry point of view, we need to give the user, give yourself a new definition of the search engine, search your mind completely subvert the old thought form. Otherwise we just love in Shanghai and scrappy knowledge framework. In fact, if the establishment of the alliance, and several other products Sogou cooperation, these products behind the portal station, two products and other resources can continue to impact on the formation of love Shanghai, of course, a short time will not have too big change, but if long-term force, even will be slowly eroded, until well-matched in strength to love Shanghai the market, as the domestic search engine market will be more hardships. " read more

Publicity settlement commission from January 28th to February 3rd has been paid offRed herring big s

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remittance failed,

, 2432cn, Wujiang hint: credit card number is abnormal

, just last weekend, we received a lot of emails from start-up companies, excited about the feeling of getting 2012 Red Herring Awards Asia. Yes, won the red herring award in the past Red Herring Awards it is a happy thing, but recently I received some very bad news, some companies even said that this is a scam! Then let me share a friend’s personal experience.

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact read more

sh419 sh419 TV officially launched operationsBeijing media running under the Olympic rings

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affiliate, Hello:

read more

How to use the first half of viral marketing up to PR4

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Later on I

, whether the site traffic and popularity will come from, why so hard every day of the update Duoxinxin webmaster, wrote dozens, hundreds of articles are not up to this effect, a small blog did? Then I studied, finally understand the reason: many smart sellers Taobao, a variety of network products in the sales package will be sold free video on this blog to provide, but the use of many different names, such as "XXXX" and "XXXXXX" secret cheats I bought was called "XXXXX" and so on marketing methods. Some prices even sold 40 yuan, single store sales of thousands of pieces. You see, how many people will see this video, how many people will come to his website read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform club VIP new home on the line, the privileges have been fulfilled

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sincerely welcome the high quality of the site and love Shanghai together, build a green ecological circle search.

The new home

VIP Club direct link: 贵族宝贝zhanzha>

VIP Club online features finally opened the first phase of the line, "privilege", for the VIP club members understand and participate in the activities under the line to get through the channel, also please help promote. VIP and two are invited to join the club, to the site as soon as possible to improve the contact, in case not received the invitation code, thank you. read more