Month: September 2017

Shanghai Dragon Technology in addition to what is left of you

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what is the chain of

miss time started, is a complete stranger to Shanghai dragon, now remember when applying for some questions:

is a very low threshold of the industry, Shanghai dragon is often filled with self > dragons and fishes jumbled together.

The months of ?

do you know how much a domain name

Zac this year issued a compilation book "Shanghai Dragon Art", I can see, this book focuses on a more than Shanghai dragon operation and user experience. Zac is recognized as the originator of the domestic Shanghai dragon, he is on the domestic Shanghai dragon every word and action direction, he wrote a "Shanghai dragon enthusiasts in early 2008" should decide on what path to follow? Post, this paper gives several future development direction of Shanghai dragon, it now appears that all he said was. He said such a sentence: Shanghai dragon service is not good grasp, but Shanghai Longfeng itself is a bright future. In the Shanghai dragon, is higher than the others in the online business starting point. I appreciate it, the Shanghai dragon circles is very practical. Today, I want to share with you for a personal point of view, Shanghai dragon. read more

Shanghai dragon how to optimize the website ranking how quickly upgrade

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, a website title keywords, reasonable layout.

Three, a large number of external links to

update is necessary to pay attention to the original or false original, there must be an end to collect and copy, not for the value of the article, the search engine is very easy to make a low rating website, after the lead content included slow down, grab the low quality, poor ranking. The updated content contains the site to optimize the best appropriate keywords title, content related degree is high, it helps to enhance the ranking. read more

The enterprise station how to save the love Shanghai promotion expenses

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words accurately seize the customer psychology

good use of love Shanghai products benefited from

for a small and medium-sized enterprise website, want to see the effect in the shortest time, the most effective way is to love Shanghai, this is the preferred way of network marketing, many small and medium enterprises in Shanghai to promote work station indeed, love is the fastest, but for some small businesses is difficult to support the bidding the cost of such a burn promotion if there is no financial backing of strength is difficult to persist. The following A5 webmaster Shanghai dragon team of enterprise diagnosis and we stand to save the love Shanghai promotion expenses. read more

The breakdown of six misunderstandings in Webmaster Tools query

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two, site


when I see someone in the friendship connection, the weight of 1, PR3, included 145, trans 11400 snapshot 7-30, this data is very sad, the weight value was used as index, and some tools are not accurate, several tools to produce several different results, sadly, can be said that the weight value is there, but the tools to check out is extremely ridiculous. The weight really exist but love Shanghai did not give the query interface, by simulation tools love Shanghai algorithm, found a reliable numerical, and we also trust like the pursuit, I have observed that he loves Shanghai weights, ranking from the keywords of your site, your site is estimated about nature the flow of more than 100 IP, his weight is 2, you can see the simulation flow of less than 100 of the weight value is 2? I am a very clever website (贵族宝贝js028贵族宝贝/) in the previous ranking is very good, to simulate the flow in the more than 180, the natural weight value shows 2, but now the simulation flow 71, the value of the weight dropped to 1, imagine if I put the keyword ranking assault, let the simulation flow of more than 100 the weight value should be changed to 2. That is the case, do not believe you can go to do an experiment. As shown below: read more

Shanghai Qiushi dragon station case from the search engine in the 100 million IP

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domain name:

imperceptibly has been in 2011, is the sixth year from 2005 to now contact Shanghai dragon. Shanghai dragon has become attached to, but also accumulated a lot of experience in Shanghai dragon. During the period of 2006-2008 also released a lot of cases, made a lot of friends, they also benefit.

million IP day is February 9, 2010, the twelfth lunar month twenty-six, is the Spring Festival peak. The following is a screenshot flow:

At the time of registration of the domain name read more

The new station is also why the website more search engine welcome

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micro enterprises in the user group, how to love and how to be included in Shanghai Shanghai dragon is that many users are concerned about the optimization problem. We see a lot of users of the website will soon be included at the same time ranking on the first page or first, there are some users of the website is very slow. Today we tell about the influence that the optimization of the railway station.

first, website keywords. Micro enterprises suggest that you first on the site keywords scope, combined with the actual situation of the site to determine the selection of key words direction and scope, in the pre selected keywords, keyword index to choose smaller deployment, by small change big words in their oral language, that the site has such a transition period, it can be a very good website that enhance the stability. Keywords selection, do not frequently change, so there will be a very bad impression on the search engine, will be put on the web crawling spider – all data, make the site back to the sandbox, cause website ranking disappear, included stop phenomenon, also need to pay attention to the problem of keyword density, if the density is too high, it will lead site keywords stack, and the punishment of the search engine, even down the right site. read more

With their own optimization method of enterprise operation station station optimization

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second, enterprise website program selection. Many enterprise website using a free open-source program, this can be considered PowerEasy CMS, CMS and so on according to their own dream webmaster on the programming language to understand and grasp the degree of choice of their own good website program, this program must pay attention to the selection can generate static pages of the website program, not only can improve the access speed, but also very easy to search engine grab and included. Some of the industry or have considerable strength of enterprises can find the relevant website construction, website construction, one can clearly designed according to their own needs and style of the industry, and its security is relatively open source with high safety and stability, the maintenance is also very convenient. This program is the basic knowledge we choose according to the actual enterprises suitable for their website program. read more

The optimization direction of 2014 enterprise website

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so, in 2014 the enterprise website should be the direction of the flow, do first, after doing product. If it is a new web site, you can do a industry station, resolve user concerns, and popularize the knowledge of the industry, to get some traffic and rank, when you have a customer first, you have a certain flow, secondly, these groups, so the level of trust in us the site is relatively high, and if we at this time, add some products on the website, so this time the product conversion rate will be greatly improved, this time we can reach our sales goals, and we are on the shelf products, also can meet the 95% query data users, and this time can we meet the 5%, need to buy products to customers, so this time, we will be able to meet the 100% requirements of customers, so this time, our website does not arrange In the home, who can row on the home page read more

Think why in the chain is essential

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, starting from the number.

here, Xiao Bian today from the Shanghai dragon point to tell you, why do you want to build the chain do? However, Xiaobian share is not what God theory, is only my personal view! If you also have their own views on this, to put forward the discussion.

right of the construction site, is helpful to improve the search engine on the web crawling efficiency index, from a certain extent, will also help website Oh! That is the premise of correct construction! Some editors in the construction of the chain, often ignore the relevant content, to give the chain this way, it is not good. After all, from the user’s point of view if he wants to get the information is certainly relevant, so webmaster in urging editors to send the article, must pay special attention to the construction of the chain of read more

Understand the website data analysis, website development direction to guide

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4. search terms

to operate a website only, must know how to analyze website statistics, because website statistics function not only convenient for you to see how many visitors to your site so simple, at the same time, statistical data can also I solve many questions. Below the author from the 7 aspects of cnzz using statistical tools to guide the website operation, a website as an example.


based on the search term view, we can view the user through which words came to the site, which can be based on this to dig on the long tail keywords. At the same time we can find user access to the website by some we do not think of the word, by the important factors of these words I can also study as user search habits. read more