9 of the most depressing book titles ever

first_img1. Source: Amazon.co.ukThe single glass of wine. Sob.2. Source: Amazon.co.uk Brings to mind this: Source: StrangePaul.com/Ben Cameron3. Source: ImgurRonery.4. Source: WordPressHow is she going to eat all that grub? And she doesn’t even have a glass of wine. SOB.5. Source: Amazon.co.ukThey’re just gone to a farm, right? RIGHT?6. Source: Amazon.co.ukJust one solitary egg.7. Source: Amazon.co.uk“Second edition” makes this somehow sadder.8. Source: Amazon.co.ukYes, it’s sad when they go to the farm. Grieve away.9. Source: TrendhunterstaticWell, that’s us told.7 ways your phone is making you sad>17 toys that might make you cry with nostalgia>last_img

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