Israel Calls on its Citizens to Avoid Morocco for NonEssential Travel

Rabat- The Counter-Terrorism Bureau of the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office has called upon Israeli citizens to avoid Morocco and several other countries for non-essential travel, ahead of the Jewish Holiday Passover, which falls from March 31 to April 8. This announcement comes as a warning in anticipation of possible Daesh-led terrorist attacks for the many Israeli vacationers who choose to spend the holiday abroad. The Israeli government issued a list of 38 countries included on the warning list of countries that Israelis are advised to stay away from or avoid for vacation for non-essential travel. The list, which is issued twice a year, includes countries that are illegal for Israeli citizens to travel to: Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Yemen, Syria,Lebanon, Afghanistan Somalia, Sudan, and Libya, in addition to countries that have been issued warnings to be avoided for non-essential travel. The bureau has included Morocco, Turkey, the Sinai Peninsula, and Thailand in its non-essential travel warning. The office believe has identified Turkey and Sinai as the main areas where Israelis might face the greatest threat.“Islamic State and those inspired by it are at the forefront of global jihadi groups that are highly motivated to carry out attacks during this period,” the bureau wrote, adding “all Israelis currently in the Sinai should return and … [we] also strongly advise that those wanting to travel to Sinai should not do so,” the bureau said in warning. The Counter-Terrorism Bureau also urged the Israeli nationals to avoid the aforementioned countries over terror fears and to stay vigilant in crowded places including tourist sites, stadiums, airports, shopping malls, museums, hotels, and public transportation stations, as well as worship places, such as churches and mosques. The Israeli bureau also encouraged citizens who are planning to travel to Europe to remain cautious, especially in the United States, Russia, France, Belgium, Germany, and India.

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