Ministry of finance will continue to increase tax incentives to promote small and micro enterprises

scared you because the whole social entrepreneurship have become more and more, there are many Small and micro businesses survive is also faced with hitherto unknown difficulties, in order to promote the development of confidence, Small and micro businesses to bring people some venture further recently, the Ministry of finance will continue to increase small and micro enterprises preferential tax to promote entrepreneurship.

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Suitable for small business

China North Canton city life pressure, fast pace of life, a lot of people hate the same way of life, want to go home, choose a small town, opened a small store in this life. So what is the business of small cities? What are the high profits of the project, and then we’ll bring you the business for small cities?.

What are

suitable for small city business? Preferred Thallon ice cream, the main flavor of ice cream, ice cream, watermelon, melon Chocolate Ice Cream Strawberry Ice Cream, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, peach mango and taro ice cream, Thallon Italy ice cream price is a two yuan, is a typical high quality and inexpensive; at the same time there are creative and ice cream series, mainly soft berry, dancing girl feelings, happy couple, exquisite, national beauty and heavenly fragrance faint fragrance diffuse heart and black angel. read more

How to control the operating cost of jewelry store

  now many investors want to through this project a good choice to build up the family fortunes, the shop is. But open the shop must pay attention to cost control, but also can reduce the jewelry store to save a lot of spending, but the shop still have to try to reduce the waste and loss of it, especially the consumable is more so, effective control of the resource utilization, long water, light will be eliminated.

the cost data is estimated, for reference only, the specific situation and the local price and jewelry store scale, management localization and so on. />

background wall, if the background wall, a square meter can be in accordance with the price of a meter counter 80% conversion. If you want luxury decoration, is about the counter price.

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Pesticide ten brands list

China is a veritable agricultural country, nature also has a very large demand for pesticides. Because of this, China will have a lot of pesticide brands. Next, let Xiaobian for you to disclose the top ten brands of pesticides, so as to provide more consumers with a better reference, can choose a really suitable pesticide brand.

pesticide ten brands list NO.1, Dacheng:

big brand belonging to the Shandong Dacheng pesticide Limited by Share Ltd, the company registered capital of 1, 8 billion 600 million yuan, more than 3600 employees, with an annual output of 20 thousand tons of pesticides, 100 thousand tons of caustic soda capacity national pesticide chemical enterprises, the main products of trichlorfon, dichlorvos, Omethoate, three dicofol, phosethyl Al, fenpropathrin pyrethroids, bladex, chemical products, diaphragm liquid alkali ionic membrane caustic soda, synthetic hydrochloric acid, two chlorobenzene, two para ortho chlorobenzene marketing across the country and more than a dozen countries and regions. read more

Lanzhou University selected by the layers of entrepreneurial success

compared to overseas students, only a short while ago, said Chinese students lack the spirit of innovation, can only echo what the books say. But in the current management activities, college students began to prove their strength of innovation and entrepreneurship.

1 31, the reporter learned from the Lanzhou University, the school students to participate in the red maple entrepreneurial team in Shanghai, Chuansha new town cup, the first national talent contest finals. After fierce competition, the team’s "super high pressure direct conversion of enzymatic extraction technology of collagen peptide and the product" project won the judges and the professional investment institutions of praise, won the competition two prize and the prize of twenty thousand yuan. read more

How to really open the bookstore to make money

with more and more attention to the education of the public, the market demand for educational products continue to open up the bookstore will be a good choice. Now open the bookstore, you do not have to worry about investment costs, small investment, but also make a profit. In the end how to really open the bookstore to make money? This also has to learn business skills, following with the small series to see.

bookstore where join bookstore reading atmosphere and surrounding radiation readers how to, an aspiring Bookstore who is the ideal location of the bookstore is very high, to join the bookstore business occupies a good place is half of success. In addition, the unique positioning of the content is often able to attract good business. read more

2013 some of the potential entrepreneurial projects

choose a suitable entrepreneurial projects in order to compete in today’s fierce, to find their own wealth of light. So, below, Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few potential entrepreneurial projects.

advantages: fashion, colorful, easy to attract the attention of consumers, not only practical, can also be worn as ornaments. With a key 5 minutes, training for three hours that can master.

recommended items; crystal flower production sales of

advantages: water washing equipment per hour water 1.5-2, only with electricity, a water treatment cost of about 0.4 yuan, can wash 20 about cars, each car costs only 0.08 yuan. Remove all kinds of cost, the monthly net profit of 8000 yuan or so, the cost can be recovered in 6 months.

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Do business must consider whether all the business will lose money

now many shopkeepers once saw a business opportunity can make money business as everyone knows, rash and too much in haste, such bold decisions could make their own money. In the summer, to a sell "foot bath salt" guests, leave me, price list and two bag samples, introduced a "foot bath salt" feet of the benefits, said to be called logistics. After a long period of time, to a soldier who claimed to be a division of the army, to see these two bags of foot bath salt samples to buy 35 yuan. read more

What are some of the important points to pay attention to

online business has become more and more people choose, however, if you want to make a better career in such an industry, naturally need to pay attention to more attention. So, the online business to pay attention to what?

online business has gradually become the mainstream of entrepreneurial wave, many small entrepreneurs with small investment, the risk control of online business projects as the business started, the online shop is increased with the popularity of the network and payment security coefficient and has gained a lot of entrepreneurs recognized, showing the characteristics of diversified economy Chinese. read more

Yipinxian cattle restaurant franchise

What is the main form of the future development of

catering industry? Obviously, the requirements of the development of the times, innovative food and beverage technology and scientific management is the necessary conditions for the development of the catering industry, how to achieve? The form of food and beverage franchise has become an inevitable trend. This business model will gradually replace the traditional food and beverage industry business model, and fast to industrialization, collectivization, modernization. read more

Home Furnishing jewelry stores how to improve the income – net

economy continues to improve, so that people pay more and more attention to the choice of home accessories in the home, a good home accessories to allow people to enjoy, which to a certain extent, led the development of home accessories industry. Today’s home accessories to join the market is moving towards universal, which also gives home jewelry stores put forward higher requirements. Want to invest in home accessories for you, how to more reasonable business?

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How to operate a better educational institutions

education brand, if you want to open an educational institutions, how to operate in order to get a good income? This is worthy of our attention to the project, Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

training industry customer management and services will highlight the importance of

due to shortage of educational resources and learning needs of students of all strong, continuing education and training institutions are often not students, how to develop customer resources, but also not to consider, for further development, customer resource reuse is often in a state of disorder, key account management is also a weak link. How to operate a better education institutions? However, with the intensification of competition in the training market, training customer management and service is becoming more and more important. Sometimes, you do not have to spend a lot of money to advertise to find customers, do a good job of meticulous service can keep old customers. If the important customer firmly in the hands, and then to develop new customers, training business will do better. Therefore, to continue developing the training business, management and service of various training institutions for training business customers more often for large customers and students continued to provide services and value-added services, to play their advertising effect in vivo. read more