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Updated Legislation to Help Designate Nature ReservesUpdated Legislation to Help Designate Nature Reserves

first_imgAmendments to the Special Places Protection Act were passed in the House of Assembly on Monday, May 16. The changes make it easier to designate nature reserves for Nova Scotians to enjoy. “Passing these amendments will help us meet commitments in our green plan to protect more of Nova Scotia’s natural environment,” said Kerry Morash, Minister of Environment and Labour. “They’ll make it easier for us to designate new nature reserves that Nova Scotians will enjoy for generations to come.” Nature reserves preserve and protect typical and special ecosystems, plants and animals. They also offer research and education opportunities. The province has 11 nature reserves totalling 3,180 hectares. With the amendments, management plans are no longer required before nature reserves are designated. Instead, management plans will be developed as necessary, such as for highly visited nature reserves that may need special measures for protection. The amendments re-establish the special places advisory committee with an updated membership structure. The committee will provide advice on all aspects of nature reserves. It is no longer required to help develop management plans. Instead, the committee will assist when requested. “These changes streamline our process for designation,,” said Mr. Morash. “This simpler approach is much more attractive to land owners who are interested in offering their natural treasures to be protected as nature reserves for Nova Scotians to enjoy.” About 8.2 per cent of land in Nova Scotia is protected through the combined efforts of the provincial and federal governments, and organizations like the Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Nova Scotia Nature Trust. All of Nova Scotia’s nature reserves are described on the department’s website at .last_img read more

Province Encourages Home Energy Efficiency During Renovation MonthProvince Encourages Home Energy Efficiency During Renovation Month

first_imgNova Scotians are being encouraged to permanently cut their energy bills and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions through an information campaign launched today, Oct. 10. The province’s energy-efficiency agency, Conserve Nova Scotia, launched the campaign to coincide with home renovation month. The campaign will feature the Nova Scotia EnerGuide for Houses program. “Thirty-nine per cent of homeowners intend to make energy-efficient improvements to their home this year,” said Minister responsible for Conserve Nova Scotia, Bill Dooks. “This campaign is designed for homeowners already considering upgrades and those who may not have considered them yet. The EnerGuide program allows homeowners to make better energy-efficiency decisions based on unbiased recommendations from certified energy advisors.” Homeowners in the EnerGuide program can cut energy bills by up to 30 per cent and reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 4.6 tonnes, on average. Mr. Dooks said the program is one way government is working towards a environmentally sustainable province. “Energy efficiency is one of the most effective tools individuals have to cut greenhouse-gas emissions,” said Mr. Dooks. “Increasing participation in the EnerGuide for Houses program will contribute to our goal of having one of the cleanest and most sustainable environments in the world by 2020.” The Nova Scotia EnerGuide for Houses program was revised in April to coincide with the federal government’s ecoENERGY Home Energy Retrofit program. Under the program, homeowners can qualify for a maximum of $6,500 in rebates. The maximum provincial rebate is $1,500. Based on previous energy-efficiency programs, the combined provincial and federal average rebate is $1,600. Actual amounts depend on the work completed on the home. The information campaign will be featured in radio, print and cable television. More information, including a rebate guide, is available at Under the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act, Nova Scotia has a goal of reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by 2020 to at least 10 per cent below 1990 levels.last_img read more

Occupational Safety and Health Professionals ApplaudedOccupational Safety and Health Professionals Applauded

first_imgThe efforts of occupational safety, health and environmental professionals to protect Nova Scotians from workplace injury and illness were recognized today, May 7. Nova Scotia is marking the inaugural national Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day, which will be held annually on the Wednesday of North American Occupational Health and Safety Week. “Nova Scotia has come a long way toward creating a safe work culture,” said Mark Parent, Minister of Labour and Workforce Development. “Today provides us with an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts of occupational safety and health professionals in Nova Scotia,” Mr. Parent said. “Through their continued dedication to ensuring safer workplaces, the quality of life for workers in this province is being improved.” May 4-10 is North American Occupational Health and Safety Week. This year’s theme, Start Today! Live It Every Day!, draws attention to the need to focus on preventing workplace injury and illness everyday. For more information on occupational health and safety in Nova Scotia and to protect yourself at work, see the department’s website at .last_img read more

Mises en candidatures invitées pour la Médaille de la bravoureMises en candidatures invitées pour la Médaille de la bravoure

first_imgLes mises en candidature sont invitées pour la nouvelle Médaille de la bravoure de la Nouvelle-Écosse. La médaille sera décernée à des personnes qui ont risqué leur bien-être pour protéger la vie ou les biens d’une autre personne. « Ce prix reconnaît les personnes qui se sont retrouvées dans des situations extraordinaires et qui ont réagi avec grand courage, » a dit le premier ministre Rodney MacDonald. « Elle rendra hommage aux personnes qui, face au danger, ont choisi d’agir. » Tout Néo-Écossais peut être mis en candidature pour le prix; il n’est pas limité aux personnes des secteurs du maintien de l’ordre et de la sécurité publique. Les formulaires de mise en candidature sont disponibles aux centres Accès Nouvelle-Écosse de la province. Ils sont également disponibles à Province House, aux bureaux des membres de l’Assemblée législative et en ligne sur le site Web de la Médaille de la bravoure à l’adresse La date limite pour les mises en candidature est le 30 juin. Les récipiendaires de la médaille seront choisis par un comité consultatif présidé par Constance Glube, ancienne juge en chef de la Nouvelle-Écosse. Le comité est formé du sous-ministre de la Justice, du commissaire des incendies de la province, du président de l’Association des chefs de police de la Nouvelle-Écosse, du directeur général du Bureau de gestion des urgences, du commandant des Forces maritimes de l’Atlantique, de l’ancien membre de l’Assemblée législative Wayne Adams, et de M. John Cody. Pour plus d’information, communiquez avec Sharon Mitchell au ministère de la Justice au 424-0094 ou par courriel à l’adresse Vous pouvez aussi consulter le Les formulaires de mise en candidature remplis doivent être envoyés au :Secrétaire provincial, Médaille de la bravoureMinistère de la Justice4e étage, 5151 chemin TerminalHalifax (N.-É.) B3J 2L6last_img read more

Tusket River Bridge Open to TrafficTusket River Bridge Open to Traffic

first_imgStarting Wednesday, May 9, drivers, cyclists, and truckers will enjoy the new, two-lane bridge over the Tusket River on Highway 3. “We appreciate the patience of drivers in the Tusket area during the construction of this bridge,” said Bill Estabrooks, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. “Road safety is always our prime concern and this new bridge will serve Yarmouth County well for many decades.” Work on the $3.8-million bridge began last fall. A dry spring allowed the bridge approaches to be completed this month as scheduled. The new bridge is 81 metres long and carries two lanes of traffic. The previous bridge had one lane. The department’s highways division manages more than 23,000 kilometres of roads in Nova Scotia. It maintains 4,100 bridges and operates seven provincial ferries. Government’s commitment to repairing rural roads is outlined in Nova Scotia’s 5-Year Highway Improvement Plan .last_img read more

Communities Welcome Family DoctorsCommunities Welcome Family Doctors

first_imgThousands of Nova Scotians will soon have better access to a family doctor. Twelve new family doctors have begun, or will soon start, seeing patients in several communities, including Yarmouth, Kentville, Elmsdale, Pugwash, Springhill, Parrsboro, Annapolis Royal, Berwick and Musquodoboit Harbour. “Too many Nova Scotians have had to wait too long to see a family doctor or go to their emergency department for basic care because they had no other choice,” said Health and Wellness Minister David Wilson. “Improving access to family doctors and other health care providers is an important part of our commitment to provide better care sooner.” This is welcome news for communities like Yarmouth that have experienced challenges with recruiting and retaining family doctors. “This is positive news for people in our community who do not currently have a family doctor and makes our area more attractive for families and businesses looking to relocate here,” said Yarmouth Mayor Phil Mooney. “The people of Yarmouth and surrounding areas look forward to welcoming these new physicians to our community and helping them feel at home.” The province’s recently released physician resource plan identified several ways to improve patient access to care through better planning and management. The province is working with district health authorities and other partners to increase the number of family doctors in rural areas. Some of the initiatives include expanding the Family Medicine Residency Training Program to the Annapolis Valley and more agreements that provide funding for medical education in exchange for a doctor’s commitment to work in a community in need. “Through these and other programs such as relocation allowances, debt assistance and our new emergency department coverage program, government is working to ensure Nova Scotia has the doctors it needs where it needs them,” said Mr. Wilson. “Our new collaborative emergency centres have also proven to be a valuable recruitment tool, with many doctors expressing interest in working in communities with CECs.” Dr. Alireza Shakib said the chance to be part of the All Saints Collaborative Emergency Centre was a positive opportunity. “When I was making my decision on where I would like to work, the idea of being part of the new CEC team was very attractive,” said Dr. Shakib, who recently began his family practice in Springhill. “Because the clinic is open evenings, we do work longer hours, but that means there are more appointments available for patients. Also, doctors do not have to work at night as there are paramedics and nurses providing emergency coverage.” Dr. Shakib is one of eight family doctors who recently accepted offers under the Clinician Assessment for Practice Program. The program assesses clinical skills of international medical graduate physicians to enter family practice without residency training in Canada. Two doctors will be in Yarmouth, with others in Kentville, Elmsdale, Pugwash, Springhill, Parrsboro and Musquodoboit Harbour. They will have guidance from an experienced physician mentor and are expected to begin seeing patients over the next few months. “We know it can be difficult for some areas of the province to recruit family doctors and are pleased that this program is helping to meet a growing need,” said Dr. Gus Grant, registrar and CEO of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Nova Scotia, which operates the program in partnership with the district health authorities, Doctors Nova Scotia and the Department of Health and Wellness. “Since we introduced it in 2005, the program has brought 57 new physicians to underserved communities in Nova Scotia.” Four other doctors recently began practicing in Annapolis Royal, Berwick, Musquodoboit Harbour and Springhill in the exchange for education program. In addition to these 12, five more family medicine residents are committed when they complete their residencies in 2013. For more information on the province’s Better Care Sooner and Physician Resource Plans, visit read more

Atlantic Premiers Working Together for a Strong Atlantic EconomyAtlantic Premiers Working Together for a Strong Atlantic Economy

first_imgAtlantic premiers are working together to strengthen the regional economy and create jobs, while providing training opportunities for Atlantic Canadians. Premier Darrell Dexter chaired the meeting and was joined by New Brunswick Premier David Alward, Prince Edward Island Premier Robert Ghiz and Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale. For a detailed news release on the meeting, go to and follow the Newsroom link. -30-last_img

Motorists Encouraged to Slow Down in Construction ZonesMotorists Encouraged to Slow Down in Construction Zones

first_imgWarmer weather means busier roads, not only with more drivers but also with more construction crews working hard to maintain and improve the province’s roads. Starting Monday, May 13, the province, in cooperation with the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association, is running an ad campaign to remind motorists to watch their speed and be considerate of workers when passing through road construction zones. “We’re investing millions this year in building and upgrading our highways,” said Maurice Smith, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal. “Our work crews need to be able to concentrate 100 per cent on their jobs and not have to worry about drivers speeding through their work zone.” “The Nova Scotia Road Builders Association has partnered with Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal on the work zone safety campaign for more than ten years,” said Andrew Lake, president of the Nova Scotia Road Builders Association. “The program successfully delivers the message that motorists have a responsibility to ensure the safety of our highway workers.” In Nova Scotia, fines are doubled and demerit points are assigned to drivers’ records for speeding in work zones. The fines, including court costs, range from $342 for a first offence to $2,412 for a third offence. This summer road work is part of the province’s 5-Year Highway Improvement Plan and the jobsHere economic development plan to create jobs and improve highway infrastructure for residents, visitors, businesses, and industries. The province has invested more than $1.1 billion in capital highway construction since 2009. The 5-Year Highway Improvement plan is available at read more

Precautionary Boil Water Advisory Issued for ChesterPrecautionary Boil Water Advisory Issued for Chester

first_imgThe Department of Environment issued a precautionary boil water advisory today, Feb. 3, for Chester. The advisory is for homes and businesses within the boundaries of Central Street to Water Street and from Union Street to South Street. Bacteria was found through routine testing of a dug well on Pleasant Street. Further investigation determined that a sewage line break led to bacteria in the well, which has since been repaired. The bacteria can come from human or animal feces that gets into lakes, rivers and water supplies. To make sure water is safe in potentially affected areas, it needs to be boiled for at least one minute before it can be used for drinking, preparing infant formula, making juices or ice cubes, washing fruits and vegetables, cooking or brushing teeth. If boiling water is not possible, people should use bottled water. Learn more . The department is also testing the drinking water supply and monitoring the quality of ground water in the area. People will be notified when the boil advisory is lifted.last_img read more

Consultation Underway Into New Adult Guardianship LegislationConsultation Underway Into New Adult Guardianship Legislation

first_img FOR BROADCAST USE Nova Scotians are invited to help shape new legislation to better protect the rights of vulnerable people under adult guardianship orders. Under Nova Scotia’s previous legislation, capacity to make decisions was an all-or-nothing condition and didn’t recognize that individuals may be able to make their own decisions in many areas of their lives. The new legislation will protect the rights of all adults to autonomy and self-determination, set out the duties and responsibilities of guardians and establish safeguards for individuals who are under guardianship orders. A number of stakeholders will have input into helping modernize the legislation. The province will replace the previous legislation with a modern guardianship law in the spring of 2017. -30- Nova Scotians are invited to help shape new legislation to better protect the rights of vulnerable people under adult guardianship orders. “We all want to live in a province where the rights of every Nova Scotian are respected,” said Justice Minister Diana Whalen. “This consultation is an excellent opportunity to listen to and take advice from the public, stakeholders and families who want their loved ones to be safe while having the maximum freedom possible.” The consultation will involve face-to-face meetings and input through an online survey. The survey is available at The deadline for submitting comments is Nov. 30. A guardianship order is a court order that appoints a person to make decisions for someone who is not capable of making decisions on their own. Under Nova Scotia’s previous legislation, capacity to make decisions was an all-or-nothing condition and did not recognize that individuals may be able to make their own decisions in many areas of their lives. The province will replace the previous legislation with a modern guardianship law in the spring of 2017. The new legislation will protect the rights of all adults to autonomy and self-determination, set out the duties and responsibilities of guardians and establish safeguards for individuals who are under guardianship orders. Targeted consultations are taking place with key stakeholders from the health, social services and legal sectors, as well as seniors, the disabled community and families with loved ones under guardianship orders. The province is especially interested in hearing from individuals with family members under guardianship orders, both past and present. Families who wish to participate in a focus group can contact Allyson O’Shea at 902-424-6094 or by email at The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia ruled last spring that certain provisions of the previous legislation infringed on the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The court gave government one year to bring in updated legislation.last_img read more

Border picks Kohli Morgan Finch as 3 skippers to watch out forBorder picks Kohli Morgan Finch as 3 skippers to watch out for

first_imgMelbourne: Cricket legend Allan Border has handpicked Virat Kohli, Eoin Morgan and Aaron Finch as the three skippers to watch out for in the ICC ODI World Cup, starting May 30 in the United Kingdom. Border, who led Australia to World Cup triumph in 1987, said Kohli’s aggressive and “in-your-face” style of captaincy makes him a different kind of a leader than Morgan and Finch. “Virat Kohli, I think he’s a different type of captain. He’s a bit more of a boisterous-type player and wears his heart on his sleeve,” Border told Also Read – We don’t ask for kind of tracks we get: Bowling coach Arun “So the players know if they’ve stuffed up because he’s one of those really in-your-face-type skippers.” Border, who captained Australia in 178 ODIs, however refused to rank the trio in any order but is mighty impressed with Morgan under whose leadership England have reached the pinnacle of ODI cricket. “England, I think they’re doing exceptionally well. They’ve brought a different game plan to the table which is going to be interesting to see how it pans out in the World Cup. They’re a dangerous side because of it and you know as the bowling group you’re under pressure,” he said. Also Read – Bastian Schweinsteiger announces retirement, could join Germany set-up “The way it looks to me, they might drop the odd game but they’re going to win enough games to get through to the semi-finals and that’s what it’s all about. “That game plan under Trevor Bayliss as coach and Eoin Morgan, I think he’s a seriously good one-day cricketer, and he’s as good a captain as there is going around. Tactically he’s very good and their game plan at the moment is a dangerous game plan to play against.” The 63-year-old former left-handed batsman was also impressed with compatriot Finch’s leadership qualities, especially under difficult circumstances. “Aaron Finch is doing a great job. He’s got a good feel around the group, I think that’s what he brings to his captaincy,” Border said. “Everyone knows their responsibilities and it’s a good environment to play in. So that’s a good start as a captain. He’s done a very good job. “Tactically, I think they (Kohli, Morgan and Finch) all do very well.”last_img read more

Fashion advice for summersFashion advice for summers

first_imgStep up your summer fashion game by experimenting with comfortable and stylish ensembles in white, pink, red, pastels and blue. Fashion experts share fashion tips for different occasions: Brunch look: A summer brunch calls for an outfit that makes you look fresh and classy. You can choose to wear comfortable shoes for the brunch. Pastel colours and white shoes with the jeans and T-shirt are the perfect combo for a brunch outing. Dinner heels: Racing against deadlines and rushing for a dinner party or date, you can wear high heels or wedges, or fashionable flats or stilettos paired with the knee length dress. One can also wear pencil heels, teamed with a peplum top. Up you fashion game by opting for black or red colour and heels. Also Read – Pollution makes you more aggressivePacking your bags for a summer vacation? Give way to the fashion diva in you by flaunting pumps, sliders, cross body bag, tote bag and keep your style quotient high. Are you an adventure junkie and want to stay stylish? Lay your hands on comfortable blue or pink sneakers or white sports shoes paired with shorts, T-shirt, backpack and sunglasses to complete the sporty and chic look. Worried about the body odour? experts tell how to keep the smell away. Also Read – Physical therapy better for low back pain”Summer perfumes usually are citrus-based that cool the skin and envelope the wearer in fresh uplifting aroma. The summer sun can agitate the fragrance, causing it to evaporate faster rather than sticking to your skin. Thus, it’s ideal to carry your summer fragrance in your bag and keep reapplying throughout the day.” “Mostly, men prefer citrus scents and in the summer months women tend to lean that way as well. Bear in mind, the best citrus-based fragrance choices are the ones that are reinforced with woody, floral and fruity notes to make the fragrance stay on you for longer. “Choose fragrances that are a hallmark of freshness to get the best contrast with the hot weather,” experts said. Fragrances become robust and begin to pop as the body heats up and if it’s sprayed in areas that are warmer, like the sides, elbows and chest. Always make sure your skin is fresh before spraying. It’s a good idea to layer and look out for brands that sell the body lotion, deodorant, EDT and miniatures. Post-shower use the body lotion and deodorant, then target warm spots and pulse areas with EDT and carry the miniature in your bag for a backup spritz. It’s important to recognise what scents suit your PH. Before purchasing, you should spray the scent you love on the wrist of your left hand and elbow of your right hand. Let it settle for 20 minutes as the top note settles and the true nature of the fragrance is revealed.last_img read more

Supreme Court raps petitioner for defective plea against IndiabullsSupreme Court raps petitioner for defective plea against Indiabulls

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court on Wednesday pulled up for filing a defective application a petitioner, Abhay Yadav, who has alleged that Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd (IHFL) misappropriated Rs 98,000 crore of public money. Earlier on Wednesday, IHFL senior counsel A.M. Singhvi urged the vacation bench comprising Justices Indira Banerjee and Ajay Rastogi to list the matter for hearing urgently, as frivolous allegations have been made against the company in the petition, which has been deliberately leaked to the media. Also Read – SC declines Oil Min request to stay sharing of documentsThe company counsel represented that as a consequence of these acts, IHFL’s market capitalisation was eroded by Rs 8,000 crore in two days since filing of the petition. The court observed that while the petitioner has sought directions against respondent numbers six and seven, but, surprisingly, no identities have been assigned against them in the writ petition. Singhvi said that the petitioner had deliberately filed the plea in the vacation bench and created circumstances for the press to discuss it. Also Read – World suffering ‘synchronized slowdown’, says new IMF chief”A petition has been filed against Indiabulls, but the company has not been included in the list of respondents”, he said, raising an objection to the petition. The court rapped the petitioner, asking him to rectify the defects and said the matter will be taken up in July. Singhvi said the company is already facing a huge loss in share value arising from the press reports following a plea filed by a milk vendor, who holds a total of only four shares. The company alleged it is being blackmailed through the use of a novel technique. According to IHFL, Yadav became its shareholder after purchasing the shares from the stock exchange on May 9. In a statement earlier, IHFL has described the allegations against its Chairman Sameer Gehlaut and other directors as “bizzare” and designed to malign the reputation of the company. The statement came after a plea was filed in the apex court on Monday seeking legal action against Indiabulls, Gehlaut and the other directors for alleged misappropriation of public money. It said thousands of crores had been siphoned off by Gehlaut and the directors of the firm for their personal use. “The total loans on the books of Indiabulls Housing are approx Rs 90,000 crore. The allegation of siphoning-off Rs 98,000 crores is bizarre,” the company said in a regulatory filing. The company said that a racket of blackmailers has been trying to extort money from Indiabulls over the last two months threatening to write complaints to various government departments alleging siphoning off Rs 55,000 crore if Rs 10 crore was not paid to them, following which the company filed an FIR on June 4.last_img read more

Over 205L cr bank frauds in 11 years RBIOver 205L cr bank frauds in 11 years RBI

first_imgNew Delhi: Of over 50,000 frauds that hit banks in India in the last 11 fiscal years, the ICICI Bank, State Bank of India (SBI) and HDFC Bank reported the highest number of cases, according to an RBI data.Of the total 53,334 cases of frauds reported during 2008-09 and 2018-19 fiscal years, involving a whopping Rs 2.05 lakh crore, the highest of 6,811 were reported by the ICICI Bank involving Rs 5,033.81 crore. The state-run State Bank of India (SBI) reported 6,793 fraud cases involving Rs 23,734.74 crore followed by HDFC Banks which recorded 2,497 such cases involving Rs 1,200.79 crore, according to the data given by the central bank in response to an RTI query filed by this correspondent. Also Read – IAF receives its first Rafale fighter jet from FranceThe Bank of Baroda reported 2,160 fraud cases (involving Rs 12,962.96 crore), Punjab National Bank 2,047 frauds (Rs 28,700.74 crore) and Axis Bank had 1,944 fraud cases involving RS 5,301.69 crore public money. As many as 1,872 frauds involving Rs 12,358.2 crore was reported by Bank of India, 1,783 by Syndicate Bank (Rs 5830.85 crore) and Central Bank of India’s 1, 613 cases involving Rs 9041.98 crore, the data shows. IDBI Bank Ltd reported 1,264 fraud cases involving Rs 5978.96 crore, Standard Chartered Bank 1,263 cases involving Rs 1221.41 crore, Canara Bank 1,254 cases of Rs 5553.38 crore, Union Bank of India 1,244 frauds of Rs 11,830.74 crore and Kotak Mahindra 1,213 cases involving Rs 430.46 crore.last_img read more