Consumers should recognize ERC order – Devanadera

first_img*install MOREPower which may deploy its personnel to man and oversee the substations toexercise its possession and control of the distribution facilities, but theoperation should still be handled by PECO personnel who has the technicalexpertise “Since there arepresent suppliers of electricity, we instructed MORE Power to continue withthat arrangement until such time the DOE has issued the Certificate ofExemption, and until such time MORE Power has gone through the competitiveselection process so that the people of Iloilo can have the best price ever,”Devanadera added./PN Energy Regulatory Commission Chairperson Agnes Devanadera Devanadera alsostressed that ERC has the exclusive jurisdiction to determine which powerdistributor has the authority to operate. Any legal issueor court case does not dilute the sole authority granted to ERC by law,specifically the Electricity Power Industry Reform Act (EPIRA), she said. “MORE Power isnow in control of the entire distribution system. There is no choice at thispoint in time for MORE Power but to operate,” according to Devanadera. ILOILO City – TheEnergy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has already spoken on the matter of whichentity is the duly authorized power distributor in this city, according toChairperson Agnes Devanadera. EPIRA gave theCommission as a quasi-judicial entity the sole jurisdiction over the operationof electricity distribution utilities. The addendumprovided guidelines on how to go about enforcing the WPO. Among these were: Devanadera alsoclarified there is no violation even if MORE Power operates through aprovisional authority only pending the issuance of a Certificate of PublicConvenience and Necessity (CPCN) or Certificate of Exemption from theDepartment of Energy. Powerdistribution and operation of the power distribution utility are the exclusivedomains of ERC, she stressed. MORE Power has a25-year power distribution franchise in Iloilo City – Republic Act (RA) 11212signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte on Feb. 14, 2019. center_img “This is anemergency. We have to issue the order to ensure that MORE Power is recognized.The primordial consideration is the continuance of electric service to thepeople of Iloilo City,” she explained. Devanadera,however, pointed out that RTC, Branch 23 is an expropriation court, thus itsjurisdiction is constrained to the expropriation case only. Therefore, shestressed, consumers must recognize the Commission’s decision – that MOREElectric and Power Corp. (MORE Power) is the sole power distributor in thecity. “MORE Power isrecognized as the only power distribution utility of Iloilo City. This shouldbe clear among parties,” Devanadera said over DyOK Aksyon Radyo-Iloilo to clearup the confusion brought about by the legal issues being raised by the previouspower distributor, Panay Electric Co. (PECO). * maintain thestatus quo of the operation so as to give time for MORE Power to orient / train/ immerse its personnel before it fully takes control of the operation PECO’s franchise,on the other hand, expired on Jan. 19, 2019. It failed to secure an extensionor a new one from Congress which cited the many complaints from consumers over,among others, erroneous billing, poor customer service and high rates. Last week, RTC,Branch 23 Presiding Judge Emerald Requina-Contreras issued an order to MOREPower and PECO to respect the Addendum to the Writ of Possession (WOP) that hercourt issued.  With respect towhatever order the Iloilo Regional Trial Court, Branch 23 had issued, Devanaderasaid, ERC is standing by its March 5 order that MORE Power is the one thatshould supply electricity in Iloilo City. She also saideven if the law requires MORE Power to get a Certificate of Exemption from theDepartment of Energy (DOE) first so it could enter into supply agreements withpower generating companies, the EPIRA also allows power utilities to engage inemergency contracts with suppliers to ensure no disruption of electricityservice. “ERC is the bodythat has the exclusive authority on these matters – supply of electricity,rates. Since the ERC has spoken already, then consumers should also recognizethe order of ERC,” she stressed.last_img read more

Weird sports-related records you can break while social distancing

first_imgLargest town cryThis one requires some help, but given the times we’re living in, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Being in a densely populated city would help unlock the achievement. Crying has the benefits of stress relief and perhaps a few extra calories burned.Your group needs to include at least 281 people to top Dorchester, U.K. Plus, your feats could give you five minutes of fame — live video streams of the marathons have attracted thousands of viewers.RIVERA: ‘Call of Duty: Warzone’ is sports, and I won’t be convinced otherwiseIt should have been the Guernsey Marathon today… 🏃‍♂️For one local runner, it still is! Graham Merfield is doing it in his garden right now. He says it’ll take him more than five hours to cover 130 or so laps 💪Donate 👉— Tony Curr (@tonycvrr) March 29, 2020Here are a few things you can do from the comfort of home:Longest marathon dancing the MacarenaThis one, listed in the Guinness World Records without a named record-holder, actually doesn’t make a great deal of sense as worded. Marathons are always 26.2 miles, so a “longest marathon” isn’t really a thing that exists.The record is instead obviously referring to time spent doing the Macarena. This one is completely up for grabs.These jumping jack world recordsYou could live in a 5×5 cube (aka the average NYC apartment) and attempt any of these. Maybe don’t try the fire one, though.3,183 jumping jacks in one hour103 jumping jacks in one minute12 jumping jacks while on fireLongest time fist pumpingThe magic number is 17 hours and 15 minutes, set in 2012 by a man in Austin, Texas. It’s an unofficial one, though, not tracked by Guinness World Records.Just make a playlist of favorite sports highlights to watch during the attempt and this one could be in reach. And maybe work out your other arm separately so you don’t end up looking like Quagmire from “Family Guy.”MORE: An oral history of a magical Final Four runRecord for finger snaps in one minuteA child currently holds this record. A child! Surely you can best Niclas Nadasdy’s 334 mark from last year.Bonus points for video of this record looking hilarious. While you may be using quarantine as an excuse to not exercise, people around the world are finding creative ways to get their cardio work completed.Some runners have even taken the step of completing full marathons in the form of backyard circles. So, there’s little reason you can’t get off your couch and be active, even if long-distance running in small enclosures isn’t your thing.last_img read more