Granger resurrected constitutionally dead National Assembly and dissolved it

first_imgDear Editor,President David Granger resurrected the constitutionally dead (since September 18, 2019) National Assembly, and dissolved it. How can the dead Assembly be dissolved? This is another move to claim constitutional legitimacy, notwithstanding the blatant violation of the Constitution, and the rule of law by this caretaker Granger Government.The incumbent APNU/AFC Government came into office since 2015 with a promise of the good life, and to do better than its predecessor, the PPP/C, and to wipe out what it claimed to be much corruption under that regime. The parties in Government must defend and establish their record of promises of their manifestos achievements, as a Government, for all the people of Guyana. On the campaign trail, each speaker of the APNU/AFC is called upon, among other matters, to defend and justify to the population the following:-* All the contracts in relations to emerging oil and gas sector;* All the contracts on land “give away” during its caretakership since September 18, 2019;* The decision to abandon the Amaila Falls, and usher in another period of “blackouts” reminiscent of the 1970 and 1980 period of PNC rule;* Defend the abandonment of the Speciality Hospital which would have been equipped to provide the relevant medical services and care. It is recalled that senior politicians of the Government, at taxpayers’ expense, chose to seek medical attention in New York and Cuba, and to cover the cost for accompanying persons;* The rental of the “drug bond” in South Georgetown for exorbitant and excessive rental to a known party supporter of a “wind power” of proposal.* The modification of the original contract and design for a new CJIA (airport) with eight gates instead of four, and at substantial additional cost. Forensic audit needed.* The excessive cost for the D’Urban Park stadium facilities through a thorough forensic audit.* The cost incurred for the proposal of a new Demerara Harbour Bridge with no positive outcome.* Public money deposited in a Minister’s private bank account.* The financial management of the University of Guyana under the stewardship of VC Ivelaw Griffith, by forensic audit.* The state of drainage and irrigation in the country,* The state of the city of Georgetown under PNC control and management, continuously for more than fifty years.* Deteriorating public security and health services.* The massive bureaucracy with a bloated number of political advisers.* The non-implementation of the recommendations of its own Commission of Inquiry into the public service.* The declining state of agricultural industries.* The non-implementation of the recommendations of its own Commission of Inquiry into the sugar industry.* The closure of four sugar estates and putting some 7000 workers on the bread line, and negatively impacting the lives of family members and economies of small businesses around these closed estates.And the list goes on.With thanks,Joshua Singhlast_img read more