Concussion safety ad prompted by teens death to air during NBA finals

A new concussion safety TV ad campaign prompted by the death of a 17-year-old Ontario girl was set to launch Monday as millions of eyes will be on the highly anticipated Game 5 of the NBA Finals.The powerful spot from the provincial government recently started playing in Cineplex theatres and was to start a run on Sportsnet Ontario as the Toronto Raptors take on the Golden State Warriors.It shows a young female soccer player training hard and taking hits to her head during games, then collapsing on the field. It ends with the words “Hit. Stop. Sit” – the slogan for an awareness campaign under Rowan’s Law, Ontario’s concussion safety legislation named for Rowan Stringer, who died in 2013 from second impact syndrome after multiple concussions as a rugby player.Her dad, Gordon Stringer, said his family is pleased with the ad.“For us it’s hard to watch, but that’s exactly what it needed to be,” he said.Tourism, Culture and Sport Minister Michael Tibollo said the goal is to get the message to athletes, parents and coaches that if you’re hit, stop playing, sit it out and seek medical advice.“We’ve got to get away from the warrior mentality,” he said. “The problem that happens is you’re also being put into situations where you’re being told suck it up when you do have some kind of trauma to the head and you continue because you want to do the best you can do.”Social Services Minister Lisa MacLeod, who spearheaded Rowan’s Law when she was in Opposition, said a culture change is required so players don’t feel compelled to play through a head injury.“One of the things I do when I’m coaching hockey, I remind the kids on my daughter’s team that if they are injured, I know it’s easy to come off the ice when you have a sore ankle or if you’ve broken your arm,” she said. “It’s much more difficult to get off the ice, the field, the pitch, whatever, if you have a head injury because it’s invisible.”Rowan’s Law, a joint effort from MacLeod, Liberal John Fraser and New Democrat Catherine Fife, passed last year and established what MacLeod said is the first law of its kind in the country.The law establishes removal-from-sport and return-to-sport protocols for players to ensure they are taken out of a game if they are suspected of having a concussion.Starting July 1, athletes, parents, coaches and officials will be required to review concussion awareness resources and a concussion code of conduct that sets out rules of behaviour to minimize concussions while playing sports.Former NHLer Eric Lindros, who was at Monday’s announcement, called for concussion safety to become an issue in the federal election campaign.“No matter what measures are taken in sport, concussions are going to occur from time to time, unfortunately,” he said. “So let’s be prepared and educated.” read more

Duchess of Sussex receives Maori cloak for strength during pregnancy on final

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends a powhiri and luncheon in Their Highnesses' honour at Te Papaiouru Marae on October 31 And that’s how they say hello in Ohinemutu.(*sound on*)Meghan is matching a Stella McCartney dress with a new gifted Korowai, a cloak honouring her as a “great leader” that will protect her in pregnancy, according to custom #RoyalVisitNZ— Hannah Furness (@Hannah_Furness) October 30, 2018 In a morning spent visiting the community, which is based in the hot sulphur springs in the southern part of the North Island, the Duke and Duchess were introduced to the hospitality of the Maori community.Welcomed with songs from hundreds of school children, the Duke and Duchess took part in a formal powhiri – a welcome – and a tour of Te Papaiouru Marae, a traditional meeting place. The Duke and Duchess were also shown a painted bust of Queen Victoria, presented to the tribe, Ngāti Whakaue, in honour of Ōhinemutu’s first royal visitor, Prince Alfred, Queen Victoria’s second son, in 1870. Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex attend a formal powhiri welcoming ceremony and luncheon in Te Papaiouru, Rotorua After delivering a long greeting in Te Reo, the Maori language, the Duke said: “Thank you for the beautiful cloak you have so kindly gifted to myself and The Duchess. “We appreciate the skill of the weavers who made it, and the aroha that has gone into its creation. This cloak is a taonga that will be cherished in our family.”One of the joys of our visit to New Zealand has been the opportunity to meet so many young New Zealanders who are devoting their talents and energy to making a difference. “There are creative, gifted and caring Te Arawa Rangatahi young people here, who are using their talents to preserve and promote the Māori language, to support mental wellbeing, and to achieve in areas that will benefit their communities, and their country.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wear traditional Maori cloaks called Korowai during a visit to Te Papaiouru, Ohinemutu, in RotoruaCredit:PA The wooden bust, shipped to New Zealand in 1875, has a long history in the community, and finally delivered – via temporary confiscation by police – in 1884.Placed on a pedestal, it remained on display until 1995 when protests from the Maori community against its treatment by the New Zealand establishment reached the area and the bust, considered by some a symbol of colonialism, mysteriously disappeared. A year later, after being found in a nearby lake, it was reinstated by elders. Recently kept safe in storage, it has now been repainted and has returned to her sheltered pedestal in honour of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s visit. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex holding ceremonial weapon during the formal powhiri in Te Papaiouru Marae They were greeted – with a hongi – by Masterchef New Zealand 2014 winners Kasey and Karena Bird. The sisters grew up in the beachside community of Maketu and use local produce to create dishes with a New Zealand identity.The women had created the entire menu for the occasion, having been told about it two months ago. Masterchef winners lay on royal feastKasey, 28, said:”They had just requested traditional food. They were really clear they didn’t want a separate menu they just wanted to eat what everyone else was eating.” “She has been very proactive in her positive promotion of women and this is motivating for the indigenous women of Aotearoa.” ‘Don’t take it to Twickenham!’The Duke of Sussex was handed a carved weapon during the visit to Rotorua – and warned he should not take it to Twickenham when England play New Zealand.Entered into the Tamatekapua Meeting House, he was given a Tewha Tewha, a Maori weapon with a point at one end and an axe at the other. Trevor Maxwell, of the local district council, said: “I am sure you are going to Twickenham when the All Blacks play England on November 11 – make sure you don’t take that.” The royal couple at a formal powhiri welcoming ceremony in Te PapaiouruCredit: PHIL NOBLE/Reuters The Duke spoke for around a minute in Maori, with gasps of awe and smiles when he used the word “whaiaipo”, or sweetheart.Duke doing ‘good job looking after’ MeghanThe Duke of Sussex is doing a “really good job of looking after” his wife during her pregnancy, the Duchess has said.   The Duchess told the artist who made her the Maori cloak that she was feeling well, and is managing to rest despite the demands of the tour. Rene Mitchell then gave the couple a demonstration of how to make the local dessert, using a recipe learnt from years in the kitchen alongside her mother and aunties. Rene said afterwards: “I welcomed them here, and was very happy when they greeted me with a ‘hongi’ as I wasn’t sure if they would.”They said our way of cooking food with the Hangi [geothermal oven] was so wonderful. I told them how I learnt through my mum, and that the recipe itself is very simple but over the years people have added their own variations, such as a handful of raisins.” Karena, 29, said: “We plated up their food and then went back in there – they had eaten nearly all of it so we were like oh my gosh!”Kasey added: “We tried not to be too nosy but it did look like they had eaten a lot – so either they really liked it or they were just really hungry!”Kasey and Karena then gifted the Duke and Duchess one of their own cookbooks. The couple were shown the Whakaturia (marae kitchens) by Tekariki Mitchell, 50, and his mother, Rene Mitchell, 70. They were shown how their lunch would be cooked using an outside ‘Steamed Hangi’ box, where food is cooked in geothermal steam. The Duke and Duchess smiled and appeared impressed, as Mr Mitchell showed them the rising steam and a traditional golden steamed pudding that was cooking inside.  Inside the Tamatekapua Meeting House, a building named after the chief and captain of the Te Arawa canoe and featuring carvings, the group sung folk songs, or waiata, about their history.Mr Maxwell joked in Maori that the Duchess was just like Pihanga – a mountain in the region famed for its beauty.The mood of the ceremony was light and relaxed, and Mr Maxwell stumbled slightly when introducing the Duke, accidentally referring to him as Prince A…” before adding: “It was in 2007 when we had Prince Andrew here!” rince Harry, Duke of Sussex hugs a young boys at the public walkabout at the Rotorua Government Gardens Credit:Getty The Duchess of Sussex has been presented with a Korowai, a woven Maori cloak, intended to protect her during pregnancy on her final day in New Zealand. The Duchess, visiting Ohinemutu in Rotorua with the Duke, was offered a cloak made from flax and feathers to honour her as a “great leader”.The colours are inspired by the Sussex coat of arms, using silks in blue, gold, white and red. “We see the Duchess as representing strong kaupapa (values) for women – she displays aroha (love), manaakitanga (nurturing and hospitality), mana (influence) and she is a great leader,” a spokesman from the Te Arawa people said.“The Korowai is like a protector, to wrap korowai around someone is to envelop them in strength, warmth and aroha (love).“In Maori history, Korowai were made to keep people warm as Maori came from Hawaiki. We adapted by using materials such as harakeke (flax) to keep warm.” Meghan, Duchess of Sussex attends a powhiri and luncheon in Their Highnesses’ honour at Te Papaiouru Marae on October 31Credit:Samir Hussein Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex holding ceremonial weapon during the formal powhiri in Te Papaiouru MaraeCredit:Getty Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are on the final day of their 16-day tour of Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are on the final day of their 16-day tour of Australia, New Zealand and the South PacificCredit: Kirsty Wigglesworth/AP Sir Toby Curtis, spokesman for Te Arawa, said the royal visit was particularly significant to the tribe, in inspiring their youth.Describing the Duchess as a role model for Maori, he added: “She has shown you can succeed, make a difference and be your own person while also celebrating your heritage. This inspires us all.“The Duchess’ presence in the Royal Family makes us feel even closer to the monarchy, as she brings a fresh perspective and diversity. The ceremony was conducted in Maori – as Harry and Meghan were being treated like “one of their own” – with Monty Morrison only breaking into English once, when he looked at the Duchess and said “little bump” to laughter. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wear traditional Maori cloaks called Korowai during a visit to Te Papaiouru, Ohinemutu, in Rotorua The royal couple at a formal powhiri welcoming ceremony in Te Papaiouru rince Harry, Duke of Sussex hugs a young boys at the public walkabout at the Rotorua Government Gardens  Prince Harry and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex attend a formal powhiri welcoming ceremony and luncheon in Te Papaiouru, RotoruaCredit: PHIL NOBLE/Reuters Rene’s son then fetched a completed pudding for the couple to compare next to the raw ingredients and mixture.”They couldn’t believe how different it looked,’ Rene said. The couple then left for a traditional lunch with a seafood platter to start, followed by a duo of pork and chicken with gravy, bread stuffing and seasonal vegetables. The traditional steamed pudding was served for dessert alongside rhubarb and velvet custard.  Meghan’s Korowai was custom created for her visit by Ngati Whakaue elder Norma Sturley, 66. She learnt to weave as a child – picking up the skill from her mother and grandmother – and has had her work included in national exhibitions. Having worked on it for two months whenever she has had time, she was up all  of last night to complete the last minute touches.The robe was made from harakeke (flax) cut and stripped by her English husband, Terry. He also plucked and washed pheasant feathers to adorn it with. The colour scheme reflected the Coat of Arms for the Duke and Duchess. Sign up for our newsletter, Your Royal Appointment, and receive exclusive royal news and analysis straight to your inbox every week. Norma Sturley said: ‘I knew that the Duchess would be meeting a lot of people and I wanted to keep her warm, wrap her in strength. I had thought about what would be a good gift. “I did also talk to her about her pregnancy. I asked if she was getting much rest and if she was looking after herself. She said she was – and that Prince Harry did a really good job of looking after her.”As the Duke and Duchess entered the marae atea, the area leading up to the dining room and kitchen, the robes were removed because they are not traditionally worn around food.  read more

New tool for systematic mineral identification and near realtime analysis in exploration

first_imgAn Australian technology that provides new knowledge on orebodies and associated alteration rapidly and cost-effectively could soon benefit the global mining industry, thanks to a commercialisation deal that will open doors to international markets.CSIRO’s advanced mineral analysis and logging technology – HyLogger – has been licensed to Australian Mining, Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) company Corescan, who operate a network of hyperspectral mineralogy labs across Australia, Southeast Asia, North America, Peru, Chile and Argentina.HyLogger uses the spectra of reflected light from mineral surfaces to interpret the mineralogy of the material. It is far more reliable for systematic mineral identification than visual techniques used in most drilling programs.It also provides near real time analysis so that costs and delays associated with laboratory analysis are greatly reduced.CSIRO Research Director, Dr Rob Hough, said commercialising the technology with Corescan opened the way for the industry to truly take advantage of hyperspectral analysis of drill materials for exploration and mining and further reinforces Australia’s place as a global leader in the provision of mineral exploration and mining technology.“Through our partnership with the Australian state geological surveys, the National Virtual Core Library and AuScope, hyperspectral data is now routinely acquired at government core repositories and is generating new knowledge on mineral systems,” Hough said.“Transferring the technology and ongoing development to Corescan, an Australian SME, will enable CSIRO to focus on the application and integration of hyperspectral information with other data sets to support mineral exploration through cover and for rapid resource characterisation in deposits.”Managing Director, Neil Goodey, said Corescan plans to integrate HyLogger into its existing suite of advanced hyperspectral imaging equipment, giving the company a broader range of solutions to accommodate different commodities and better meet customer requirements at different stages of the exploration and mining cycle.“Corescan will also be offering support services to the existing HyLogger community and will leverage its global reach to bring the technology to new international markets,” Goodey said.“Corescan will be working closely with the Australian geological surveys and the National Virtual Core Library to continue on the great work that CSIRO has done in this area over the last decade.”The Australian exploration industry spends close to A$600 million per year drilling holes to locate economic mineral resources.Detailed knowledge of the mineralogy and alteration patterns associated with prospective mineral regions is crucial to guide exploration success and attract further international investment into Australia.Operating on an automated scanning platform, HyLogger uses visible and infrared light to characterise selected minerals from drill cores, chips and pulps that are often difficult or impossible for human observers to interpret correctly. Reflected light from the samples is broken into hundreds of different wavelengths by several spectrometers, allowing the recognition of unique spectral signatures for each mineral.Corescan is global services company specialising in the scanning, analysis and interpretation of drill core, rock chips and other geological samples.last_img read more

Utor le typhon sest abattu sur les Philippines

first_imgUtor : le typhon s’est abattu sur les PhilippinesLe typhon Utor a frappé les Philippines ce matin en provoquant des inondations et des glissements de terrain. A l’heure actuelle, 23 personnes sont portées disparus ont indiqué les autorités.Le typhon baptisé Utor qui s’est abattu sur les Philippines à 3h du matin (dimanche à 19H00 GMT) a causé la disparition de 23 personnes dont neuf pêcheurs qui ne sont toujours pas rentrés au port. Les vents qui pouvaient atteindre jusqu’à 200 km/h ont entraîné des inondations et des glissements de terrain, notamment dans la ville côtière de Casiguran, dans la province d’Aurora. La route principale qui mène à la ville s’étant effondrée, il est extrêmement difficile de s’y rendre.La télévision philippine a livré des images sur lesquelles on peut voir des maisons détruites, des arbres arrachés et des lignes électriques endommagées. Des pluies torrentielles ont également frappé la capitale, Manille, qui, par mesure de précaution a préféré garder la plupart des écoles de la ville fermées.À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Malheureusement, Utor risque de n’être que le premier typhon d’une longue série comme les Philippines en connaissent une vingtaine chaque année. Pour rappel, en décembre 2012, le typhon Bopha avait causé la mort de près de 2.000 personnes.Typhon : un phénomène localisé et destructeur Le typhon est un cyclone tropical, localisé en Asie de l’Est, par opposition aux dépressions semblables existant sur le globe comme les cyclones et les ouragans (Atlantique Nord et Pacifique Nord-Est). Ces trois phénomènes météorologiques naissent sur les océans de zones intertropicales et sont constitués de vents violents. Il s’agit, à l’origine, d’une dépression tropicale ayant évoluée en tempête puis en typhon selon la force des vents accompagnant le phénomène. Selon l’agence météorologique japonaise, il s’agit de la troisième catégorie pouvant atteindre ce type de perturbation dans cette partie du globe. L’autre institut de vigilance mesurant les phénomènes dans cette région, la Joint Typhoon Warning Center, lui ajoutant une quatrième catégorie, celle de Super Typhon, avec des vents pouvant atteindre les 120 nœuds, soit plus de 220 Km/heure.Le 12 août 2013 à 11:39 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Gullible iPhone 7 users drill holes into their phones

first_imgAfter being tricked into microwaving their phones in order to recharge them and believing an update made their phones waterproof, one would think that iPhone users would have wised up to insane pranks involving their phones. Apparently, this isn’t the case as a new video is making people drill holes into their iPhone 7s in order to get a headphone jack. You cannot make this stuff up.The prank video was created by a YouTuber called Taras Maksimuk (TechRax) who is known for making videos where he destroys technology. In fact, Maksimuk has several videos where he destroys iPhone 7s but it appears that those who drilled holes into their expensive new phones never bothered to look at this man’s previous uploads.The video below shows Taras drilling a 3.5mm hole into the bottom left edge of the iPhone 7 in order to reveal a hidden headphone jack. After conducting this mad surgery, Maksimuk is seen plugging headphones into the iPhone 7 which now play music through the earbuds.As of the time of this writing, the prank video has over ten million views. As you would expect, the comment section is filled with people who are livid over having destroyed their phones. Astonishingly, the video has gathered more likes than dislikes (137,231 likes, 88,355 dislikes). It is hard to say for sure how many of these folks legitimately drilled holes into their phones (and in the process voided their warranties), but we have to assume that a good chunk of them went ahead and performed this grisly operation.The lesson here? Don’t take everything you see on the internet at face value, especially if it asks you to destroy something that you paid a lot of money for. Instead of destroying their phones, perhaps it would be wiser for folks to (respectfully) let Apple know they want a headphone jack in the next iteration of the iPhone.last_img read more

Milojevic Red Star cannot switch off against Liverpool

first_imgRed Star Belgrade boss Vladan Milojevic believes it’s essential his players maintain full concentration for their entire Champions League game against LiverpoolThe Serbian side will host Liverpool for their fourth fixture of Group C at the Rajko Mitic Stadium this evening.So far, Red Star have only collected a single point from three games and lie bottom of the group table.Therefore, defeat today will almost certainly ensure their elimination from the competition – depending on the outcome of the Napoli and Paris Saint-Germain game.“In every game, it is important that for 90 minutes you have concentration both in defense and in attack,” said Milojevic, according to Tribalfootball.Jadon Sancho, Borussia DortmundCrouch: Liverpool could beat Man United to Jadon Sancho Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Peter Crouch wouldn’t be surprised to see Jadon Sancho end up at Liverpool one day instead of his long-term pursuers Manchester United.“Our opponent is a team that has been selected to win the Champions League. We have to do our best.“They use every moment. Their players punish even the smallest detail.“Simply, at this moment, all the teams in our group in the Champions League play in the three best leagues in the world.“And they are much stronger. This is our reality. We’ll do our best. We will fight for each ball.”The game between Red Star and Liverpool will begin at 18:55 (CEST).last_img read more

Todibo reveals why he joined Barca

first_imgNew Barcelona recruit Jean-Clair Todibo claims that he chose the club because of their ‘history’ after turning down so many offers.Reports had suggested Manchester City had made an approach for the player, to whom Juventus and Real Madrid were also linked before his deal to Barca was announced.Todibo will wrap up his deal with Toulouse before moving to the Camp Nou in July.“Jean-Clair is very happy with his choice, it all came down to the history of the club,” agent Bruno Satin told Sports News, as cited by Football Espana.“Barca are a massive club and were a dream of his since his childhood, so this move was all about his feelings rather than the financial package.Jose Mourinho, Lionel MessiMourinho: “Lionel Messi made me a better coach” Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Jose Mourinho believes the experience of going up against Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi at Real Madrid made him a greater coach.“There was also the career aspect, we felt he has a better chance of breaking into Barca’s first-team as opposed to other sides who were interested, such as Juventus.“He is a player like Marcel Desailly, he can play in midfield too, is physically very strong and athletic, he can be adaptable.”📋 The complete lowdown on @jctodibo 🇫🇷🔙 His background, his role models and much more…👉— FC Barcelona (@FCBarcelona) January 8, 2019last_img read more

SpiderMan Into The SpiderVerse is the best superhero movie

first_imgLeap into this masterpiece. Sony Pictures Animation In hindsight, no one was ready for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse. We’re not used to superhero movies being masterpieces. We’re used to mediocrity.Mediocrity, we love it. We crave it. Consume its marketing material, drip-fed to our hungry tongues. Nothing quite quenches the thirst like mediocrity. Delicious. Love it. Can’t get enough. Gimme that mediocrity.Thank you, Disney, thank you, Marvel, for the mediocrity. For inventing the template and never straying. For the 22-movie commitment to the forever three-star movie. We’re used to it now. It’s probably a good thing. I used to complain about superhero fatigue, now I embrace the grind. Go for your life, Marvel, make your three-star movies. At least they’re not bad. That would be terrible. No, they’re just mediocre and that’s… good?Yet, unfortunately for Marvel, every now and then a superhero movie hits cinemas to remind you what magic looks like. To recalibrate your idea of what “good” is. In 2018 that movie was Into the Spider-Verse, a movie currently available to watch on Netflix.And by god you should watch it.But watch at your own risk. Seriously. I’ve spent the last five years mindlessly gorging myself on superhero movies that are as safe as they come. After watching Into The Spider-Verse, and seeing it on repeat for the past couple of months, it’s difficult to go back.It’s visually jaw-droppingAre you ready for a hyperbolic, completely uncritical look at why Into The Spider-Verse is the best superhero movie of the last decade and beyond? Sony Pictures Animation Brilliant. Let’s get started.Probably best to begin with the aesthetics and visual design.Producers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller wanted this Into The Spider-Verse to have a unique look from the beginning, which resulted in over 140 animators combining computer animation with a hand-drawn style designed to mimic comic book art.When I heard about this, I was cynical. Movies that take visual risks or pioneer unique art styles tend to review well by default. “Here’s your cookie for trying something different.” This is the kind of thing that tends to make movie critics salivate like Pavlov’s dogs.But it’s not enough, right? Plenty of animated movies (*cough* Kubo and the Two Strings) have pioneering art styles but are complete snooze fests. That’s not the case here.Into The Spider-Verse has an integrated aesthetic, but what really elevates the movie is how inventive it is, how vibrant it is, with visual storytelling.screen-shot-2019-06-28-at-2-57-19-pmThe visual storytelling is brilliant. Sony Pictures Animation I always think about the above scene, when Peter Parker and Miles Morales, the two main “Spider-Men,” attempt to escape a villain’s lab. They’re spotted and every scientist in the building hops up, springs into action immediately. Except one. Who just keeps eating her lunch. She’s seen this all before. This is a villain’s lair. There’s always some superhero trying to mess with their shit. This is just another day at the office. Literally. She just wants to finish her tea break.It’s a split-second, but betrays an insane commitment to detail. A commitment to be inventive, to subvert, to engage with weird ideas and be brave with them. It’s a spirit that infects every single frame of this movie.screen-shot-2019-06-28-at-3-05-36-pmKingpin, the bad guy. Sony Pictures Animation How about the visual design of Kingpin, who is almost comically oversized, but still emanates an incredibly intimidating aura.How about the fact that Into The Spider-Verse seamlessly blends characters from different universes (noir, anime, traditional 1930s animation), providing each with its own unique visual flair, but somehow makes everything feel like it belongs in the same movie?screen-shot-2019-06-28-at-3-07-07-pm“It CAN get weirder!” Sony Pictures Animation That’s ignoring how this movie moves — at a schizophrenic pace with action sequences that never let up, and never stop surprising you. Like when Miles Morales gets one hand stuck to an unconscious Peter Parker and another stuck to a moving subway train and chaos ensues. Or when an inexperienced Morales has to escape The Prowler by scrambling through abandoned tunnels using powers he’s only just acquired. Every sequence leaps off the screen with an intense, dramatically overactive sense of imagination. It feels at once meticulously planned, but spontaneously performed.It’s impossible to take your eyes off the screen.The script is… [chef’s kiss]It’s not necessarily the script that elevates Into The Spider-Verse. “Script” is just a catch-all term for the story, which takes a traditional hero’s journey and twists it in all sorts of strange directions.A catch-all term for the way it takes the traditional Spider-Man myth (man gets bitten by spider, man watches uncle die, man becomes inspired to grow into his responsibilities) and subverts it while maintaining great respect for the timeless story device it has become.For the way it comments on itself as an origin story, in a meta sense, without becoming overbearing or robbing its audience of living in the moment of Miles Morales’ journey toward becoming Spider-Man. 2019 movies to geek out over Share your voice Now playing: Watch this: 0:39 Culture TV and Movies It does all these things without rushing and without overstaying its welcome. Most of its storytelling comes visually, without exposition. It does the stories of multiple characters justice. Miles Morales’ journey, obviously, is exquisitely told, but so too is old man Peter Parker, a Spider-Man we’ve never seen before: middle-aged, bored, depressed, broken up by a failed marriage. A man who’d rather take the bus than swing through New York City. Even Kingpin is a sympathetic villain, driven by a desire to rescue his own wife and children from death.Every loose end is tied — quickly, subtly, intelligently, without issue — in a way that makes almost every other superhero movie feel endlessly clunky and old-fashioned.This movie feels realFor an animated movie about six spider-people from six different dimensions using supernatural powers to defeat a 900-pound man and robot cyborgs in suits, Into The Spider-Verse is remarkably grounded.It’s a story about family, about what it means to be a father, what it means to be a son. What it means to wrestle with the expectations of others and live up to your own potential. More than any other animated movie I’ve ever seen, it feels performed. It has the spontaneous energy and heart of a screwball comedy, the incredible scale of superhero action at its best.You’d have to go all the way back to The Iron Giant or The Incredibles to find an animated movie that feels this real. A movie that delivers on almost every possible spectrum you could invent, but still feels original and new.If you haven’t watched Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse, you’re selling yourself short. Like me, you’ve probably spent the last few years wallowing in the mediocrity of the superhero dirge. That’s fine. That’s good.But maybe it’s worth reminding yourself what it’s like to enjoy something great. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ‘definitely’ getting a sequel Spider-Man: Far From Home a perfect Endgame epilogue Far From Home poster goof unleashes Samuel L. Jackson’s Fury Comments More Spidey Tags Exclusive Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse clip melds… 17 Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse juggles all these internal responsibilities (to be cool, to be funny, to not take itself seriously, to have heart, to be sincere but smart, to be sentimental but not sickly sweet) and does so effortlessly. Or — at the very least — does an incredible job of masking the effort it takes to create a superhero movie that does everything perfectly.In its own way, Into The Spider-Verse is a small miracle.Actually it’s a huge miracle. 77 Photoslast_img read more

Nod for RTI changes Rajya Sabha says no for panel

first_imgNew Delhi: Parliament on Thursday approved an amendment to the RTI Act that gave the government powers to decide salary and service terms of the statutory body head and its members, with Rajya Sabha passing it by a voice vote. The Upper House witnessed high drama when it negated a motion for sending it to a house panel. While the Lok Sabha had passed The Right to Information (Amendment) Bill, 2019 on Monday, the Rajya Sabha gave its approval on Thursday after opposition walkout over what it said was “intimidation” tactics by treasury benches to influence voting on the motion to send the bill to a Select Committee for greater scrutiny.last_img read more

Corporator Cheruku Sangeetha distributes shoes civic staff

first_imgNagole: Corporator Cheruku Sangeetha distributed shoes to sanitation workers in Rock Town Colony ward office on Sunday. She directed the workers to wear shoes before going to work. She also said that GHMC would take care of holistic development of the workers. Jawan Srinivas, Anjaiah, SFA Anand, Vinay, residents Krishna, Sudarshan, Kondal Reddy, ward member Santosh and others were present.last_img

Ebola Cases Rise in Africa as Doctors Sound Alarm

first_imgPeople protest outside a hospital as Liberia President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf visits the area after Ebola deaths in Monrovia, Liberia, Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Seven people believed to have the Ebola virus have died in recent days in the first deaths reported in the Liberian capital since the outbreak began, a health official said Tuesday.RABAT, Morocco (AP) — The international medical organization Doctors Without Borders sounded the alarm Monday over the outbreak of the Ebola disease in West Africa as some 20 new deaths have been reported.In its own statement Monday, the World Health Organization said that the latest figures show 567 cases with 350 deaths in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. Last week the organization reported more than 330 deaths.Most of the deaths, 267 of them, are in Guinea, but with Sierra Leone reporting 39 new cases and eight deaths between June 15 and 17, growth there appears to be faster, according to the organization’s figures.The World Health Organization said it is working with local governments to provide the necessary expertise and is planning a regional meeting in Ghana on July 2.But Doctors Without Borders, known by its French initials MSF, said that the outbreak will require a “massive deployment of resources” by governments and aid agencies to bring it under control.The organization, which earlier said the outbreak was out of control, said it is stretched to the limit and is having trouble responding to an epidemic that is breaking out in more than 60 locations across three countries.Empty hospital beds are seen at Redemption hospital after nurses and patients fled the hospital due to Ebola deaths in Monrovia, Liberia, Tuesday, June 17, 2014. Seven people believed to have the Ebola virus have died in recent days in the first deaths reported in the Liberian capital since the outbreak began, a health official said Tuesday.“We have reached our limits,” said Dr. Bart Janssens, MSF director of operations. “Despite the human resources and equipment deployed by MSF in the three affected countries, we are no longer able to send teams to the new outbreak sites.”This Ebola outbreak is the most deadly ever. The virus has no cure and causes internal bleeding and organ failure, spreading through direct contact with infected people. Containing an outbreak focuses on supportive care for the ill and isolating them to limit the spread of the virus.Medical facilities in these countries, some of the poorest in the world, are struggling to deal with the outbreak as well as educate populations unfamiliar with how to prevent the disease from spreading.The current outbreak, which began in Guinea either late last year or early this year, had appeared to slow before picking up pace again in recent weeks, spreading to the capital of neighboring Liberia for the first time.last_img read more

Gas pump made of minerals has no moving parts

first_img( — Scientists have discovered that a type of hard mineral called zeolite can provide a high rate of gas flow in a micro-scale gas pump. Because the pump is based simply on temperature differences and has no moving parts, it could provide reliable and precise control of gas flow for a variety of applications, such as gas-sensing breath analyzers and warfare agent detectors. Mechanical engineers Naveen Gupta and Yogesh Gianchandani from the University of Michigan have published their study on the zeolite gas pump in a recent issue of Applied Physics Letters. The researchers used a type of zeolite called clinoptilolite that, like all zeolites, contains billions of nanopores which a gas can flow through. The nanopores in clinoptilolite are packed much more densely than could be achieved through lithographic techniques, and so the mineral can enable a higher rate of gas flow.“Unlike zeolite gas pumps, most of the traditional micropumping mechanisms have moving parts,” Gupta told “As we go smaller in size, the ratio of the surface area to volume of the parts increases, which results in increased frictional losses of power. Larger frictional forces result in increased wear and tear in the devices, which affects the reliability of the system adversely.”Using clinoptilolite, the engineers built a gas pump that operates on the principle of thermal transpiration, the phenomenon that gas molecules drift from the cold end to the hot end of a narrow channel. Their handheld-size gas pump, called a Knudsen pump, consisted of a thin, flexible heater in the center, sandwiched between two thin pieces of the porous mineral. The researchers added pieces of perforated aluminum between the layers to maintain a uniform temperature. Finally, the entire assembly was sandwiched between two pieces of insulating polyvinyl chloride (PVC).The pump operated on 296 mW/cm2 of power, and contained two inlet ports for the gas to enter at opposite ends of the device. When the heater started operating, cold gas molecules from the inlet ports began drifting through nanopores in the zeolite mineral toward the heater in the center. The gas quickly flowed out through a central outlet port, and could be used for a specific application.As the researchers explained, the thinner the nanopores (or nanochannels) through which the gas flowed, the higher the pressure at which the pump could operate. Using the zeolite’s large number of thin nanochannels, the device could pump gas at a high flow level. These nanochannels were so thin (in this case, about half a nanometer), that they were thinner than the mean free path of the molecules at atmospheric pressure, resulting in “free molecular gas flow.” “The free molecular regime is a name given to the gas flow conditions in which the mean free path of the gas molecules is much larger than the characteristic length of the channel,” Gupta explained. “Unlike the case for the continuum gas flow regime, in the free molecular regime the gas molecules bounce against the channel walls much more frequently than they bounce against each other. Under these conditions, the wall interaction dominates and tends to cause the molecules to drift from the cold end to the warm end of the channel.” Clinoptilolite, which has a greenish-white color, is one of the most abundant zeolites, and is also inexpensive, easily accessible, and mechanically strong. Along with having no moving parts, these advantages may make the pump useful for various purposes. “These miniature pumps may someday be useful for a variety of applications ranging from ventilation to vacuum pumping,” Gupta said. “They may also assist as gas reservoirs and gas separation elements in miniature or handheld system diagnostic. However, the Knudsen pumping technology is still evolving and will need quite a bit of effort before it gets there.”More information: Gupta, Naveen K. and Yogesh B. Gianchandani. “Thermal transpiration in zeolites: A mechanism for motionless gas pumps.” Applied Physics Letters 93, 193511 (2008).Copyright 2008 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of Explore further This exploded view of a zeolite-based gas pump shows how gas flows through nanoporous zeolite from the cold to hot areas via thermal transpiration. The two zeolite disks are 2.3 mm thick and 48 mm in diameter. Image credit: N. K. Gupta and Y. B. Gianchandani. Researchers solve mystery of how gas bubbles form in liquid Citation: Gas pump made of minerals has no moving parts (2008, November 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

VIDEO Wide receiver pulls freakish full flip while catching crossing route

first_img Advertisement The G.O.A.T of flipping internet receivers still has to be Bears rookie receiver Tarik Cohen, who trended in college by catching two balls at the same time while doing a backflip. Some guy on the internet is putting Odell Beckham’s famous one handed grab to shame with a viral video of the freak receiver executing a full flip while catching a crossing route.This is one of those clips you just watch 20 times in a row on a loop. Even if he doesn’t make the NFL, he’s already headed to the viral hall of fame.Gonna be in love with this for awhile.— JustCallmeVC (@MynameisVc) June 30, 2017last_img read more

AIPA Qantas cannot afford to be left behind

first_img“Qantas International needs to thrive in order for Qantas Loyalty and Qantas Domestic to succeed, so now is the perfect time to invest in this segment for the future and ensure it continues feeding the success of other segments for years to come,” Mr Susz said. “Now is the time for Qantas to be bold and capitalise on the momentum being made in the International segment with strategic and forward-looking aircraft purchases,” AIPA spokesperson Adam Susz said. With Qantas’ international competitors being bold in their own aircraft renewal, AIPA believe Qantas cannot afford to be left behind. As Qantas celebrates profits, it is warned against resting on its laurels. With fuel costs continuing to be a key factor for Qantas in the coming years, the need to invest in more fuel-economic aircraft to replace the current ageing Boeing international fleet will become crucial.center_img The positive trend in Qantas International and the Qantas Group emphasises the need to make the most of the situation by investing in fleet renewal, according to the Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA). The Australian and International Pilots Association (AIPA) has spoken about Qantas’ good fortune, stating that although the news is good, the company cannot afford to rest on its laurels. Source = ETB News: L.B.last_img read more

Keralabranded taxis to ply in Dubai to promote tourist offerings

first_imgIn an effort to tap the outbound tourism season in Middle East, Kerala Tourism is targeting the Arab travellers by rolling out a high-octane promotional campaign in Dubai, showcasing the state’s spectacular features via colourful visuals draped on a bevy of taxis moving through the bustling metropolis.Around 200 Kerala branding taxis will ferry the message of ‘A Faraway Land Four Hours Away’– with eye-catching visuals featuring hill stations, backwaters, waterfalls as also Ayurvedic therapies – through the streets of Dubai.“Apart from the favourable climate, the relative proximity and excellent air connectivity between Kerala and the cities of the Middle East make it easier to attract holiday makers to the state,” said Dr Venu V, Principal Secretary of Tourism.With Arab tourists being one of the biggest spenders, Kerala has received more than one lakh visitors in from the region in 2015. The majority came from Saudi Arabia with 51,149 Saudi nationals visiting last year, while Oman accounted for 18,763 footfalls.“As the holiday season in the Middle East coincides with the Monsoon season here, Kerala is well-positioned to benefit from the influx of travellers looking to trade in the sizzle and dust for cooler climes and greener pastures,” said U V Jose, Director, Kerala Tourism.last_img read more