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Shanghai Longfeng institute should do

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contact Shanghai dragon has been a few years time, but the real Shanghai Dragon technology to do network marketing has just begun. At this time, also have the same feeling and other Shanghai dragon promotion personnel, that is tired, bitter, tedious.

I feel the hair of the chain is in the process of Shanghai dragon most tired and most tedious work, but the chain is going to increase every day. Of course, you might say, can go to write text. In fact, it could not be better, but for a novice or a literary bad person, how to write text? The most common way is to go to the forum and the top post. In fact, I see a lot of Shanghai Dragon Master in the hair of the chain when the chain. Visible outside the chain is a compulsory course in Shanghai dragon. So how in the hair of the chain to find some happiness? I usually choose to send the chain in 2 directions, one is the Shanghai dragon forum is a professional forum. read more

Case analysis of URL optimization techniques of the site as a whole

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is the last page. Each content page has only one specific URL, unless you have to link, otherwise there won’t be a content page there are two or more than two URL. For the content page, I love pure static, because when the content page is not the spider crawling most frequently, many of the spider crawling a content page to stay when it is column page 1/10 of the time, so let the spider crawling a content page on the line, many times will result in repeated collection, detrimental to the overall site optimization. There is a content page is best generated page, rather than by calling the data. read more

sh419 sh419 TV officially launched operationsBeijing media running under the Olympic rings

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affiliate, Hello:

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Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform club VIP new home on the line, the privileges have been fulfilled

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sincerely welcome the high quality of the site and love Shanghai together, build a green ecological circle search.

The new home

VIP Club direct link: 贵族宝贝zhanzha>

VIP Club online features finally opened the first phase of the line, "privilege", for the VIP club members understand and participate in the activities under the line to get through the channel, also please help promote. VIP and two are invited to join the club, to the site as soon as possible to improve the contact, in case not received the invitation code, thank you. read more

360 Wikipedia has open editing we quickly occupy your own field

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currently has 360 China is the second largest search engine, and the momentum is growing, another point is 360 search user groups are white users. It is easy to believe that the white users of online content, so we in the Encyclopedia of advertising than love Shanghai should be more valuable. But here it should be noted that 360 entries will not be included in the love of Shanghai, you don’t expect a chain of sex in Shanghai, if you are a little mind to do this 360 encyclopedia words believe will make you disappointed. Do 360 encyclopedia is the best to do the promotion, advertising, rather than rely on it to do outside the chain, the chain there are many ways, and do the promotion is not much, now the 360 encyclopedia is a godsend. read more

Marx founder Zhou Tao talk about personal Adsense how to do movie station

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Hello, I’m Marx, founder of Zhou Tao. I’m glad to talk to you here about how to make a movie station. First of all, I’d like to talk about why you choose to be a movie station. I remember 03 years ago I began to do the station, all kinds of have tried, when it was pure interest, the film station is one of the traffic done well, and later I chose to develop film sites.

is half the time I didn’t do what station, what are you doing, what you want to do in the station is more promising, rather than short-term garbage station, thought a lot, also asked many webmaster friends together to discuss, the results still did not result in the past six months. read more

Novel stations have been everywhere, but how to improve the flow of the site

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has been doing novel websites for a while, and I will introduce myself to you according to my own experience. How do I improve the flow of the website?.

, first of all, prepare a good domain name, fast and stable space and good website programs. The registered domain name can be similar to the name of the website, so that it is convenient for visitors to remember. Site access speed must be fast, usually the visitors will not be willing to wait more than 5 seconds, unless he is very patient, or have other things on the site on your site, otherwise it will lose a large part of the flow. read more

SEO, stop each other and pseudo original, come in and see

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‘s purpose in writing this article is to talk about my ideas about seo. In this small series industry soon (I is to do the whole network marketing, SEO is just one part of), but have their own unique insights, hope that through writing this article give some suggestions related to perception, colleagues or people.

, when I was in the industry, I’ve seen a lot of things done by halves. In fact, we can not blame them, everyone’s temperament is different, impatient people can not do it. But what I want to tell you is that SEO is actually a very interesting thing. read more

How to carry out a good home marketing activities

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home development has become more mature, the major brands on the market after another, for young people like entrepreneurship, the first thing to do is to find a home to invest in a good faith and credibility to join the project. Now, operating a home store is a good choice for entrepreneurship. So in the open home stores, how to get more room for development in the market, has become a lot of entrepreneurs to face the problem. How to carry out the marketing activities of home stores, many entrepreneurs feel confused. Today, Xiaobian will come to the store owner to explain the introduction.

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Network brand naming strategy

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mentioned "Benz", people will think of the German car; the mention of "Fuji", was reminiscent of the Japanese film; the mention of "Coca-Cola", people will associate carbonated drinks in USA; similarly, Amazon will make people think of online book store, people will naturally the "Alibaba" and "network" link, visible, brand name is the representative of the brand, is the soul of the brand, embodies the brand personality and characteristics.

good brand name can not only cause the unique association of consumers, but also can accurately reflect the characteristics of the brand, has a strong impact force, stimulate consumer psychology, enhance the consumer’s desire to buy. For businesses, good brand names can also enhance the image of themselves and products. The use of brands has far exceeded the early identification category, become consumers and businesses to communicate emotional ties, become an important means of enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises. read more

Summary of experience, how to let Google fast included website

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Hello, I am a bit of micro-blog webmaster, brother do standing time is not long, in A5 diving for so long, has not dared to show up, afraid of predecessors jokes. Today, drum up courage, and decided to share some of their experience with the new long master ~ master float. Straight into the topic, today to share with you is how to make the website super fast Google included, and get the ranking. My station is on line 4.30, today is 5.1, less than 48 hours before and after, it is pretty fast, ~

new station to fast speed was Google included, and get the top ranking, specific practice: read more

How to open a toy store

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many parents will give their children to buy toys, toy shop business is also good, by the entrepreneur’s attention. But now the toy brand is more, as an operator, if you want to successfully set up shop, and get a huge return, we must pay attention to play its own characteristics, to win more consumer recognition.

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Henan Department has issued a red envelope to the enterprise you have no copies

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enterprises in the era of the development of the next wave of their own, although remarkable achievements have been made in a series, but sometimes it will inevitably encounter many development problems, but if the local government actively cooperate in a certain degree above the enterprise road to go farther. Henan departments have to send red envelopes, do you have a copy of it? Take a quick look at the details below.

Henan business benefits come! Recently, Henan seven enterprises sector out together, to send welfare enterprises. In August 3rd, in Henan Province, the implementation of the policy to enterprises "mobilization meeting, the provincial development and Reform Commission, the office of science and technology, Department of finance, human resources and Social Security Bureau, the Banking Bureau, tax bureau, the provincial government finance office and other seven departments focus on combing informed enterprises, national and provincial key enterprises benefit policy. In these policies, which are closely related to you? read more

How to really open the bookstore to make money

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with more and more attention to the education of the public, the market demand for educational products continue to open up the bookstore will be a good choice. Now open the bookstore, you do not have to worry about investment costs, small investment, but also make a profit. In the end how to really open the bookstore to make money? This also has to learn business skills, following with the small series to see.

bookstore where join bookstore reading atmosphere and surrounding radiation readers how to, an aspiring Bookstore who is the ideal location of the bookstore is very high, to join the bookstore business occupies a good place is half of success. In addition, the unique positioning of the content is often able to attract good business. read more

How to operate a better educational institutions

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education brand, if you want to open an educational institutions, how to operate in order to get a good income? This is worthy of our attention to the project, Xiao Bian made a detailed introduction.

training industry customer management and services will highlight the importance of

due to shortage of educational resources and learning needs of students of all strong, continuing education and training institutions are often not students, how to develop customer resources, but also not to consider, for further development, customer resource reuse is often in a state of disorder, key account management is also a weak link. How to operate a better education institutions? However, with the intensification of competition in the training market, training customer management and service is becoming more and more important. Sometimes, you do not have to spend a lot of money to advertise to find customers, do a good job of meticulous service can keep old customers. If the important customer firmly in the hands, and then to develop new customers, training business will do better. Therefore, to continue developing the training business, management and service of various training institutions for training business customers more often for large customers and students continued to provide services and value-added services, to play their advertising effect in vivo. read more