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The game upstart. Joe from only 7 dollars to millionsShare personal website webmaster commonly used

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home source code: source code, and more. China to do the source code download, if not Webmaster Station, should be the number of it first, update soon, download speed is also fast, unfortunately, commercial code a little, a lot of code is incomplete, it also included. No tests, not enough.

station: download the source code number is concerned, is undoubtedly the domestic leader, but because of fame, so there no commercial code, I often go to the usual code, code is not good. Technical articles are based on the basic "Taoba update. The popularity of the forum is good, but the water paste more. read more

Shenzhen, Qianhai, a place to nurture unlimited possibilities

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Shenzhen back to the mainland, in the face of Hongkong, China’s reform and opening up is the first special economic zone, with great potential for innovation and development. Now Shenzhen, Qianhai, relying on Hongkong, the mainland, has become a Shenzhen, Hongkong and other places of youth exchanges and cooperation base.

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How to do a good job in the early planning

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many entrepreneurs choose to shop, in fact, if you want to continue to profit in the process of operation, early planning is critical, entrepreneurs need to do a full preparation work in the business early, so how to do business in the early stage of planning?

1, the development of new stores in the development of strategic planning in the opening of new stores, the future development of new stores to carry out strategic planning.

speed shop, such as shop scale, new store development prospects. In the search for new business opportunities, there are usually two options: first, the existing retail stores in the city to add new retail points; the two is not yet opened in the development of the city set up a new retail point. The first case is easy to make decisions, and the second usually requires a more comprehensive, systematic decision-making process. For individual investors, shop plans often should pay more attention to short-term business forecasts rather than long-term planning. read more

What kind of tea to join the chain investment

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tea as a very important kind of drink, has a very high popularity, as long as the business opportunities are correct, the right way to operate, making money will be very simple. However, the current large number of tea market brands, which will undoubtedly bring difficulties to people’s choice. So, what kind of tea to join the chain project worth investing? Let me see small series of.

huge market demand for tea and the gradual rise of the market prospects, attracting a wave of people who went to the gold rush. Tea is not only a thousand years of living habits, but also in recent years, the rise of the concept of health and health promotion of life, became the first major health care market. Because for consumers, tea can health, why should I take medicine? Therefore, the choice to join the tea project, tea or tea to join agents, is correct, because it has a huge market base and growth rate is staggering. read more

Investors should choose to join in the project should pay attention to matters

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people in the choice of business will be tangled in the end what join the project better, more successful, and the market franchise project now includes some products for clothing and shoes, food catering, health, beauty cream dessert and children health care class. The franchisee is from these projects to choose what they think is a good project.

because most of them have such characteristics: small, initial investment return period is short, especially in their daily life and closely related. Basic necessities of life, the four elements of daily life, who can not be separated every day. Market demand is clear, profitable or not, only related to the choice of joining the business and the pros and cons of business methods. read more

20 thousand yuan Entrepreneurship Program Daquan

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society now for many young people, some of the small social entrepreneurship projects tend to be welcomed, but in life there is now some suitable for small business and investment projects, what are the specific? Let’s take a look.

2 million venture: flowers made crafts

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Graduates job offer three categories of people can receive subsidies

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entrepreneurship subsidies for college students to start a business is the most practical help in Quanzhou graduates job seeking to obtain subsidies are required to be able to get subsidies are divided into three categories, as follows:

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Decontamination of the social environment of Panzhihua anti AIDS work effective

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with the media exposure in the side, we see a lot of stars on the road of drug addiction, for their own physical and mental and performing arts cause a greater damage. In order to purify the social environment, this year, the implementation of the municipal leadership package Panzhihua, the Municipal Department of the package point of double package mode, in the field of responsibility to carry out anti drug publicity, education, prevention, rehabilitation and other work. Purify the social environment, Panzhihua anti drug AIDS prevention work, we have a detailed understanding of the following. read more

Entrepreneurship does not mean that it is important to take risks

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everyone’s venture, it seems to be an unpredictable way. Facebook  the first venture was in a college dorm, Google  in the garage in the early days of entrepreneurship. Where did you start your first venture?

Tom  is a small fund company vice president of marketing in recent years, the development of the fund industry bottlenecks, the market environment is bad, the fund issued or he began to find another way. His reason is simple: he wants to be promoted to the director of the market is not big, if the job hopping to the newly established fund company, the position will be promoted, but the new company is facing many challenges, very difficult to work. So he decided to start a consulting firm with like-minded friends. It can be said, Tom  start a business, is the need for career development.

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How to open a new cosmetics shop

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cosmetics shop has now become a good choice for the majority of female friends business, at the same time due to the increase in the cosmetics brand on the market as a whole, open purchase cosmetics store has become a problem, want talent shows itself in the industry, you need to have a good purchase channels.

1, local wholesalers or dealers purchase

to local wholesalers or agents that can purchase cosmetics supply, there is certainly the most cheap. But this requires a certain amount of money, if you are just a new shop, it is recommended not to enter so many goods. Cosmetics purchase depends on whether the product is genuine, where they purchase absolute guarantee goods. For example: I live in Shenzhen, Shenzhen cosmetics wholesale market is generally looking for sources of goods, of course, to get the goods cheaper than the goods online. read more

Chase City ban two dust

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with the Datong county industrialization and further promote urbanization, the prevention and control of atmospheric pollution pressures continue to increase, in order to improve the air quality, since mid September this year, Datong County in accordance with the polluter, who control; who is in charge, who is the lead; who approval, who is responsible for the principle of territorial management, take effective measures of pollution management of initial success.

to prevent blockage of illegal muck truck read more

Outer ring network Xining build efficient and convenient regional transportation hub

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What is the driving force of urban development? Be traffic.

in the construction of city road network, enhance the development of the pivotal role, through the road, Xining, has been working in.

the road network pattern:

"outside the ring, into the net"

"path, baiyexing". If the network construction is the foundation, start Xining traffic modernization that really bears the traffic modernization dream, is the construction of "speeding up in network especially a ring" city traffic pattern of Xining city is proposed.

"outer ring network construction to undertake the provincial transportation department and Xining City Project 94, focus on the implementation of the 8 highway connecting line construction, realize the city, even in high speed external and internal circulation, and built the" outer ring network "center city expressway system for half an hour.

5 to accelerate the extension of the trunk road construction, strengthen urban traffic and three county; relocation of 2 highways, 1 expressways, 49 primary roads built, built urban trunk road network coordinate system; 18 new branches, improve the urban traffic "small cycle" system.

at present, the main city of Xining new road mileage of 86 kilometers, the new road area of 2 million 310 thousand square meters, the main road network center city "four horizontal and eleven vertical ring" has been basically completed.

South Beltway

the full opening of the southern Beltway road as the center city east to fast track, supplement and enhance the city north-south traffic connection. ; read more

Government work report drafting group responsible person interpretation report

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this year’s government work report is how to draft completed? How to accurately grasp the essence of the report? Office of the State Council Information Office, 5, deputy director of the State Council, Huang Shouhong, deputy director of the government work report drafting group, the interpretation of the report on the situation.

report to draw together the wisdom of the parties

this report focuses on the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee governing the country with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary." Huang Shouhong said. read more

List of China’s top tourist attractions in Qinghai Lake

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recently, in the fourth annual meeting of China’s tourism industry development, the province’s Qinghai Lake scenic area was awarded the title of "beautiful China" top ten tourist attractions in 2014. The development of the tourism industry Chinese
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