In August this year, the five continents Art Troupe gathered in Xining

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The extraordinary grace Dan Gar embroidered leather and unrestrained Huangzhong peasant paintings, have a unique style in Datong shadow, graceful inlaid silk thangka…… Xining folk art has a long history. Reporter yesterday learned from the Xining Municipal Propaganda Department, to further promote the Xining folk art, build Xining folk art brand, enrich the cultural life of the people of Xining, to enhance the influence of Xining summer, in August of this year, Xining will host the tenth session of the Chinese International Folk Art festival.

this festival will invite five continents in more than ten countries (regions) of the art troupe in from around the world, more than 300 artists will conduct cultural exchanges. 100 people will be invited to participate in the Arts Festival Arts Festival activities. During the event, will host the opening ceremony Gala, art festival concert, "xiadou view of the beautiful scenery, quality international cultural feast – International Folk Art tour. In addition, the art team will also travel to the four district of Xining, the performance of the three counties, for everyone to perform wonderful programs.   read more

City leaders condolences to fight with thieves

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On November 19th, vice mayor, city public security bureau director Zhang Qian and courageous work office responsible to the public good ma Jianning home visit and condolences to fight with the thief in the bus Ma Jianning.

More high-quality works to improve the quality of publications

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recently, the province’s press and publication unit heads meeting. The meeting reviewed and summarized the work in 2014, the deployment of this year’s books, newspapers, periodicals and audio-visual electronic publishing.
it is understood that in 2014 the provincial press and publication front in accordance with the central and provincial requirements, stick around the central task, hold high the great banner of socialism China, adhere to the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech as a guide, struggling to create around three province area and cultural construction, and vigorously promote the theme and excellent national culture and carry out a series of important activities, completed many important publishing tasks, published a number of excellent publications where prominent national characteristics and the spirit of the times bright. At the same time, strengthen the supervision of the press and publishing industry, the level of service continues to improve, in order to promote the province’s "three zones" made an important contribution to the building. It is reported that this year the news:

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Huangzhong 20 village infrastructure will be upgraded

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last year, Huangzhong county invested 478 million yuan, to the linking point helping Li Shan Zhen Gang Cha village 35 village, the village has fundamentally changed, from the past chaos into today’s Qi net beauty, production and living conditions of villagers have greatly improved. On this basis, this year the county has 20 villages will get 13 military enterprises to help build units of aid, currently has 2 million 126 thousand yuan of funds in place.

last year, the county to carry out military enterprises build activities in Kumbum Monastery, southern Foshan and surrounding areas 109, along highway 315 and West high speed along the 5 townships. The implementation of the civil affairs, transportation, environmental protection and other related projects more than and 200, the village infrastructure has been greatly improved, the effective improvement of the village, village living environment, to further optimize the construction of grassroots organizations significantly strengthened, more than 4.5 people benefit. The county through financial subsidies, the implementation of funds to help strengthen the construction of rural infrastructure. At the same time actively cultivate a number of characteristics of the industry, and strive to develop the county economy, effectively increasing the income of farmers. On this basis, the county to promote the farmers to get rich, to achieve "a village planning, a village style, a village with a" as the goal, to reflect the regional and national characteristics, highlight the cultural connotation of the principle, this year will focus on the 4 township farmers walls, gate transformation, the implementation of village road hardening, village renovation project, realize the village greening, lighting, landscaping, cleaning, transformation and new village comprehensive office service center and cultural square, and continue to adjust the industrial structure, vigorously support the "one village one product" characteristic industry, the development of agricultural industry in the village of second, three, the village village appearance, environment change and further improve the infrastructure and promote the stable income of farmers. (author: Ge Wenrong)
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A sleepless night Lake market harmonious relocation

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In order to achieve a smooth sea lake road in the wholesale market relocation, in the organization and command of vice mayor Xu Guocheng, the city commerce, public security, fire, police, traffic police and other departments and city agriculture company, multi sectoral coordination, jointly managed to win a relocation battle, to provide the most satisfactory service for the relocation of businesses, to ensure that the Sea Lake Road in the wholesale market smooth relocation, harmonious relocation. read more

7 bus lines directly to the distribution center

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The day before, the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center (hereinafter referred to as the center) started operations, some people asked: want to go grocery shopping should take a few bus? Reporters learned that, at present there are 7 buses in the city can be directly to the distribution center.

60 thousand people have been admitted to the Sea Lake District

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In July 7th, a reporter from the Lake District Management Committee was informed that, after several years of development and construction, the traffic network system is becoming more and more perfect, the Lake District public facilities, full-featured service facilities are complete, which makes tens of thousands of people full of hope and confidence in the New District, in the new population is more and more. According to statistics, as of now, 60 thousand people have been admitted to the sea lake district. read more

Huangyuan vinegar break the vinegar world wide

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of the Qinghai Huangyuan vinegar complex

daily expenses: daily necessities daily necessaries of tea, vinegar in Qinghai people’s lives, plays a very important role.

In addition to

Shanxi aged vinegar and Jiangsu vinegar in Zhenjiang, Qinghai people, Huangyuan vinegar has a very good reputation. Many Qinghai people went into the kitchen, can see a bag or a bottle of vinegar in Huangyuan.

66 year old Zhao Haisheng, the provincial capital of the old man is an authentic vinegar jar". From small to large in his memory, especially in the summer, vinegar is an indispensable thing, eat jelly, bean flour, Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce rice, barley – up group, mixed with vegetables, vinegar is the best sauce. read more

Xining catering industry will create a civilized table

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"A rice porridge, when thinking hard to come by, please eat a reasonable meal, no food left." The future of this civilized dining tips will be everywhere. It is reported that, in order to further enhance the consciousness of the people, promote the Xining city national civilized city to create work, food and Drug Administration in the city catering service industry to carry out activities to create a civilized table.

the city’s "table of civilization" to create activities to hotels, restaurants and other catering enterprises, schools, offices canteen as the focus, to carry out the civilized table model shop "," civilized dining room table demonstration "," civilized dining service star "rating activities, do not save the dinner leftovers, how many points to eat safety; dining without drainage oil, not bad food; health meal using chopsticks gongshao; civilized dining — no foul language, no loud noise, speech and deportment civilization. Catering enterprises will guide consumers to a reasonable diet, civilized dining, scientific packaging, to avoid waste, it is recommended that customers with reasonable dishes, ordering the waiter to the customer to express dishes. Restaurant enterprises in the provision of civilized dining environment at the same time should also be universal table manners, advocate customers do not smoke when eating, not loud noise, etc., to create a "smile service, respect courtesy" civilized etiquette atmosphere. Promote conservation, green consumption, adhere to the procurement, the use of qualified tableware, cooking oil and other raw and auxiliary materials, disposable tableware, improve the utilization rate of raw materials, reduce the production of waste residue. Guide customers to run out of food, will not run out of food packaging, and free of charge to provide environmentally friendly packing lunch boxes. (author: 1) read more

Xining quality inspection of supermarkets and food production and processing enterprises to carry ou

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in the Spring Festival approaching, Xining quality inspection departments of the city’s supermarkets and food production and processing enterprises to carry out a special inspection of food products and other aspects of quality safety and measurement. (the sound effect of the scene is mixed with a few seconds)

recently, the reporter went to the Xining Municipal Bureau of quality inspection staff came to the supermarket in Wangfujing, the chief of the Bureau of Metrology Bureau Xiao Hong told reporters: read more

Xining Social Security Bureau to obtain the national human resources and social security system 2008

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Recently, the Xining municipal social insurance administration was named the national human resources and social security system 2008-2010 annual quality service window units, and was commended

recently, the Xining municipal social insurance administration was named the national human resources and social security system 2008-2010 annual quality service window units, and was commended.

Xining as one of the largest window handling service, the city social security in the social security service work, always in accordance with the municipal government and the community sector requirements, that the mass to provide satisfactory service as the goal, carry out high-quality service window creation activities, and constantly enhance service awareness, improve their work style, improve work efficiency, innovation service form, strictly according to law, and achieved remarkable results, by the insured unit and personnel. read more

Xining City District moved to hinder the obstruction of pollution control

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Recently, in order to solve the environmental problems affecting people’s production and living, urban areas in accordance with the "winter disease summer rule" work ideas, to take strong measures to remove obstacles hindering the pace of air pollution control.

it is understood that even the day, the district environmental protection departments one by one investigation area of all households need to transform coal-fired boiler units, has been on the use of 66 coal-fired boilers 42.8 tons of steam units, Small and micro businesses and families of hospital building issued a "rectification notice", the perfunctory, refused to rectification the 12 "black smoke" coal-fired boiler according to the implementation of the seizure, removal; take "whole change", strengthen the food service industry rectification, checked 191 catering units. To carry out special inspections of water pollution accident, the Huangshui River (the section) and tributaries sewage inspections, and increase the area of small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises of water pollution remediation efforts. As of now, has checked the production and processing enterprises 97, 8 issued a "rectification notice", the 8 found sewage mouth, on-site renovation completed in 2, and transferred to relevant departments timely reporting limit rectification 6. read more

The central state organs family planning second, eleven cooperation group leaders to inspect and gui

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In August 9th, accompanied by the central state organs of family planning second, eleven members of the unit for a 10 people Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Xiuping, the provincial population director happiness project in Qinghai Province Office of the Organizing Committee of the Huangzhong County Zhao Minghu to inspect and guide the work of happiness

8 month 9 days, accompanied by the central state organs of family planning second, eleven members of the unit for a 10 people Family Planning Commission deputy director Zhang Xiuping, the provincial population director happiness project in Qinghai Province Office of the Organizing Committee of the Huangzhong County Zhao Minghu to inspect and guide the work of happiness. read more

Provincial organs of harmonious development and dream of China, the staff held a theatrical performa

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Sing sing, sing harmony, unity, strength to sing; sing Chinese iron will and heroism, to express the highland children by the party and the motherland deeply blessings and unity of lofty sentiments and aspirations. September 24th, Qinghai province directly under the authority of the harmonious development of · dream of China, the staff held a theatrical performance in Xining.

the employees Arts Festival is the provincial authorities to celebrate the new China 66 anniversary and the 70 anniversary of the victory of Anti Japanese War, the new achievements in the construction of the Acura provincial authorities, actively promote a cultural event and the cultural construction of cadres and workers of the construction of spiritual civilization. The provincial authorities of each unit cadres and workers to respond positively, carefully organized, choreographed program, a total of 34 programs of 35 units participated in the show, demonstrating the good wish of the provincial authorities of each unit and the majority of Party members and cadres and workers of the blessing of the motherland and uplifting spirit.

art show top awards. General Office of the provincial Party committee selected the program won the first prize, Qinghai Lake scenic area protection and Utilization Management Bureau, Qinghai Provincial Communist Youth League "program won the two prize, six provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department and other units should select the program by third-prize Province, Industrial and Commercial Bureau units outstanding organization award.   read more

Xining city industry and Commerce solutions for the financing problems of small and micro enterprise

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rapid development of small and micro enterprises, not only can ease the employment difficulties, but also to enliven the market economy, the state attaches great importance to, but also vigorously support. This year, Xining city business sector will continue to actively support the development of small and micro enterprises, open up the green channel for the development of small and micro enterprises to provide quality, efficient and convenient service.

It is reported that last year the city of read more