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Analysis of the latest YAHOO closed Site Explorer

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the summer of 2011, YAHOO staff will be busy with organic search site was transferred to the Microsoft platform, in the transition period, from Microsoft’s Bing website management tool provides Site Explorer services. Now the transfer has been completed, Microsoft webmaster tools is the only source of Bing and cover site data and analysis.

organic search results is provided by Microsoft, YAHOO will continue to provide an innovative network to Internet users search experience. read more

Computer information site optimization experience how to improve the quality of the page

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computer information involves many aspects, such as computer security, network failure, webmaster experience, the page data enough to have tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands. So many articles in the page, can not be set by hand, so it must be completed by the program. But the page keywords and description of program generation not so smart, for example: a router troubleshooting page keywords of the article, how to intercept and set it, can calculate the keywords of the article appeared in the maximum number of words. The tag tag word can also use the page as a keyword, it can learn from the A5 Adsense nets and Chinaz station network. As for the inside pages can be described in the first paragraph of the content interception. read more

shlf1314 Adsense ad unit priceTycoon admission! Ali Hao throw 2 billion develop short video entrepre

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big fish program consists of three parts: big fish bonus, advertising split and big fish partner. Among them, "big fish bonus" to reward 2000 vertical categories of outstanding content creators monthly. Ad segmentation, creators can enjoy potatoes, UC, Youku three platforms into revenue.

, this article starts off behind schedule, if reprinted, please note

ID: network is poison    

shlf1314 Adsense this article discusses the group: 12863364 is full, please add new group: 12597358 read more

The joy of successfully applying for GOOGLE advertising

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two days before I apply to GOOGLE advertising account, open the mail that you, the heart feel really happy, because I applied for many times, every time is failure, the success should be my sincerity touched the hearts of GOOGLE, let me write this time to feel the success of.

I do this station, it should be said that there are almost three months, and began to do an emotional article stand, because of other reasons, changed to the present I love design network. Because my present job is about making this piece of design. Therefore, it should be said to write some original article is no big problem. Later, in a friend’s introduction, let me join the GOOGLE Union, put some advertising, you can buy space costs earned back, I went to GOOGLE tried, failed once, two failed. Later, I said, forget it, do not do this, and every day concerned about updating my content, okay, read more

How to select the characteristics of snack bar business projects

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operating characteristics of the snack bar hot, profitable, and therefore attract a lot of business attention. How to choose the right investment projects? Xiaobian finishing the relevant experience, I hope to help you, and quickly learn it, you can not miss.

1, training system: in the choice of joining the brand, depending on whether the company can join the business to provide a perfect, high-quality service system. Especially in the current market competition is extremely intense environment, for a special snack management and services also have higher requirements, so the management of these employees in urgent need of professional and scientific! Generally speaking, a special snack successful franchise brand, must have a set of mature and perfect marketing mode of read more

Zheng Yaonan from security to billionaire entrepreneurs legend

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each of us may want to venture it, thinking of how much money earn feeling, but few can really do, in fact, entrepreneurship is not great, no matter how you were born as you want to have success, want to say today is such inspirational story, a guy named Zheng Yaonan is a security guard. But now through entrepreneurship, billionaire!

1995, 20 year old Zheng Yaonan, then it is the floor when the spring breeze of reform. Zheng Yaonan from Fujian home with 500 dollars, went to Shenzhen. Only graduated from secondary school, he was able to find the first job is to do security at WAL-MART headquarters in China, the gatekeeper.

security when in the store, he carefully observe the learning of consumers buy things psychological research, the salesman is how to sell things, to study how the management of supermarket goods. When he knew that a small bottle of cosmetics can be sold to 300, he was a huge impact on the heart, determined to do sales. Two years later, he quit his business, with their own hands of more than 20 thousand yuan, opened the first cosmetics store. A year later, it was 8.

second times during the 2009 financial crisis. Zheng Yaonan found the domestic market read more

What is the name of the cake shop taboo

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we can according to the relevant methods, in line with certain requirements, on the basis of the principle of satisfaction, to store a good name. However, a careless, it is possible to make the name of the shop taboo, so that the late development of the store affected. Therefore, as the operator, the name of the shop is naturally very familiar with the taboo. So, cake shop name taboo what?

1, unlucky word without

What are the names of the

cake shops? Unlucky words are not only taboo business name, customers see is shunned, something good I am afraid it is difficult to attract customers. So we must pay more attention in the name of the time, attention is not just using words and read, homophonic, or anti read can let a person feel unlucky, which requires entrepreneurs to read several times as well. read more

Preferential policies for college students entrepreneurship

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to support college students entrepreneurship, central and local governments have introduced a number of preferential policies, involving financing, opening up, taxation, entrepreneurship, training, entrepreneurial guidance, and many other aspects.

– Shanghai:

offers a number of College Students Entrepreneurship

1. graduates entrepreneurship four preferential policies

read more

Diffuse hot and sour powder this small project to help you make money easily

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Chinese population accounts for 1/3 of the world’s population, the person exists naturally to eat, so Chinese is also a diet country, Chinese food culture for thousands of years since ancient times, it is synchronized with the development of civilization. In such a big country in the diet of natural food will not be less. Chongqing as the capital of food, hot and sour powder is undoubtedly the city’s tongue on the card. It’s fresh, sweet, hemp, spicy, sour attracts diners from all over the country, China has also Hot and Sour Rice Noodles tens of thousands of shops, but no one can like diffuse Hot and Sour Rice Noodles do click, full of sound and colour. It is reported that originated in Chongqing, fortune in Shanghai, Tan hot and sour powder has been listed as one of the most potential for development of snacks to join the brand, then, Tan hot and sour powder is how to do? read more

Charlie Brown coffee gives emotional power to the product

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joint effect marketing, marketing methods are used by all businesses. For example, popular fiction drama can drive the sales of a commodity increase, the mode of marketing benefits are very good, because you do not know what will happen in the future, everything is possible, as long as you dare to think, it is possible to achieve. Charlie Brown coffee gave us a good interpretation of the truth.

"peanut cartoon" (Peanuts) is one of the longest and most popular cartoons in the history of American comics. In December 2, 1950, by Charles · Schultz creation, to 13 in February 2001, due to illness, this has a glorious history of the past 50 years, the comic finally closed the last page. 50 years ago, Charles · Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Lucy; footprint story figures under the pen of Schultz, through the 21 translation published in 2600 newspapers and 300 million comic books and 50 cartoons, in over seventy-five countries worldwide, enduring to win all the nations of the world, like the different age of readers that caused the majority of readers, and become a part of American popular culture, created the cartoon history rare miracle. read more

Automotive beauty shop location technology sharing

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automotive beauty industry in the moment has been a very good development, for entrepreneurs, choose to open a store is a good idea to help them succeed in getting rich. In the shop before, everyone is entangled in the choice of shops. Automotive beauty shop should be how to choose? Location must be combined with their own situation, after the election of the most appropriate, it is very important. Next, the location of the shop, small series have introduced, want to know, then look at it!

first, the place is big enough to choose to do a one-stop professional beauty friends, at least 300 square meters, can have 1-2000 square meters, what can be done! If you just do beauty, then 200 square meters can be. It should be noted that this is the area of the shop, excluding the area outside the parking. That’s another thing! read more

3 tips for choosing the right target market

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many entrepreneurs for the choice of the industry is very confused, do not know how to do. In fact, on the market, many entrepreneurs do not want to be restricted, they often believe their creation has broad appeal, they always imagine more services industry, geographic population and application.

1. deliver real value quickly? Early customers should be satisfied with the use of a product that has not been flooded. They must be involved in the R & D process, providing a wealth of product characteristics and early use without glitches. Is there a customer department that will ease the pain even in part? read more

The Spring Festival travel to take the high-speed rail signal not coverage all around the islan

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in modern life, we can not do without the phone, but a mobile phone in the hands of less traffic, for many young people is almost blind! Spring Festival travel to take the high-speed rail signal is not good, Hainan high-speed rail around the island 4G coverage, to Hainan holiday leisure friends have benefits! The reporter learned from the railway authorities in Hainan, from the beginning of spring 2017, Hainan high-speed rail around the island first in the country to achieve the 4G signal coverage across the board, passengers in a high-speed EMU can be very smooth to phone and internet. read more

Push forward the four forms pilot work

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In February 17th, the party secretary Wang Xiaoxian into the Datong County town, township, multi Lin Xun rang Xin Zhuang Zhen Liang Jiao Xiang, Xie Gou Xiang, Datong County, on the use of supervision and discipline of "four forms" from the strict control of the party party pilot research guidance. Research, Wang Xiao detailed understanding of the difficulties and problems in the pilot work, put forward a number of issues and research countermeasures. City leaders Zhang Yonghai, Song Chenxi together.After read more

Deployment of the Spring Festival traffic management

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Yesterday, the Provincial Public Security Bureau held a provincial public security traffic management work and the spring athletes deployment of video conference, in 2013 summing up the work of public security and traffic management results, analysis of the situation of traffic safety, to convey the relevant meetings spirit on the basis of the work and focus on the traffic safety inspection on 2014. "Looking back" activities, especially the Spring Festival traffic management work carried out deployment. read more